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The Curse of Steel
by John Alleyn

In one fateful day, Kráva comes into possession of a sword of legendary power, and is claimed by the gods as a hero. She soon learns that there are problems she can't just cut her way through. Not to ... More

Chapter 1

Deep in the night, Kráva sensed a presence. She snapped awake, one hand already gripping the knife beside her on the pallet. Then a familiar shape and scent put her at ease for a moment.

“What is it, father?” she murmured.

Derga grunted. &ld...

#1 Author of the Week

by Barry B. Wright

A rural community is turned upside down with the influx of extremists bent on creating a white ethno-state, the murder of a highly respected police officer, and the fetishism of a person willing to ki ... More

Chapter One
Waiting Until Dark

His approach to the bedroom window is stealthier than previous visits. Though unintended, he had killed. The local newspaper and media reports had put the community on edge. Respected and above suspicion, much was at stake during each intrusion, but a sexual fetish ...

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Mama needs new shoes
by Shirley Holder Platt

Car theft "Sounds interesting!

Chapter 1

He sat low in his restored, midnight blue Buick, flicking the ashes of his cigarette out the window. From behind, all you could see was his closely shaved and greased head, which was very round. It looked like a glossy, new, bowling ball wearing expensive sunglasses...

In Search of a Soulful Life
by Al Duncan

A tale of courage. Leaving a long conditioned uncomfortable comfort zone with an intention of connecting with like-hearted people. From the Himalayas to rural South East Asia, prepare for an enlighten ... More

Intentions set. Shift unfolds

“If the darkness is followed by the light was simply a belief of the ages.

Then what if the light was ever present.

But our perception remains one of illusionary shadows.

Who decided the shadows were real?

Was it you?

Or was ...

OPORD: Critical Deception: Team Reliant
by L. K. Thompson, LTC (TXSG, Ret.)

Mrmbers of Team Reliant continue their hunt for the elusive and cunning General Jaqwi, Washington has ordered a hit on Jaqwi. The General continues his dogged pursuit of supplying the Middle Eastern t ... More

Chapter 1



This novel is dedicated to the following:


SSG John Thompson for his Army experience, foreign service, and honest reflections of events.

Amy Stell for her steadfast and keenly insightful copy reading.


Literary Fiction
Flash Fiction Collection
by Jo Hawk

Tall tales, snippets of conversations, general musing or dark thoughts from a disturbed mind, all retold in a few words. What ideas lurk in the corners of a writer's imagination? You can find out in a ... More

Repeating History

I took the stairs, two at a time, stuffing my gun into its holster as I tried to ignore the heavy strap digging into my shoulder. It was early, and I prayed as I approached her apartment.

“Please, be awake.”

Closing the door softly, ...

Desires of the Heart
by Tiffany Doran

It has been almost five years since Katie has seen him last. After a fire almost destroyed her daddy's farm, Matthew Fuller destroyed her heart. But a newly hired farm hand by the name of William &qu ... More

Chapter One
Love or Lust

She threw herself across the bed and placed her soft face in her hands and her long curly auburn hair fell to the sides. She then rolled to her side. Perplexed, she let out a frustrated sigh. "Do I love him or don’t I?" she said, feeling puzzled. She of course...

Ralph and the Prince
by Jo Hawk

This story began as a piece of Flash Fiction. There is where it would have ended, except for the characters. The Prince and Ralph are persistent. They want to tell their story and demand I tell it. ... More

Into the Night

Ralph’s legs burned. He clutched his ribcage and rubbed the twitching muscle which begged him to stop. The intercept lay two hundred yards ahead. Holding the flaming torch higher he inhaled, hardened his resolve and pushed himself forward.

His blood...

The Roots of Slavic Magic: Finding Our Way Back to Balance
by Patricia Robin Woodruff

What the cuckoo clock has to do with the Slavic goddess of water, why roosters are traditionally on weathervanes and what Slavic Pagan beliefs have to do with the Phila. Mummers Parade are just some o ... More

Chapter 1
Why this book is different

Online, you will find the same information on the Slavic gods copied over and over again. It is important to understand where much of the information that currently exists on the Slavic religion came from. The pagans themselves had no written records. ...

Memoirs of a Dacia: Life Happens For Me, Not To Me
by Dacia M Arnold

The life journey of author, mother and US Army Veteran, Dacia M Arnold "Sounds interesting!

What's In A Name?
Thanks Dad

I hated my name growing up.


Like most kids with unique names, I tried my best to anticipate the substitute teacher’s grimace and squint as the trigger to give her the answer to such a mind boggling question... “How do you pronounce Dac...

Chick Lit
Return to Sandy Shores
by Shirley Holder Platt

A woman who'd just been canned. A kitten needing a home. A new start for both. "Sounds interesting!

Chapter 1 - Sam

Cold rain blew under my umbrella until I was drenched and shivering. It wasn’t bad enough that I’d been laid off unexpectedly, I’d missed my bus and had to wait for twenty minutes in the storm. My Louboutin’s were ruined, my mascara ran down ...

Literary Fiction
The Monsters I Remember
by N.E. Yeomans

HAVING FRIENDS CAN BE MURDER! A searing novel about guilt and the loss of innocence. Sam is the new kid in town, lonely and introverted. That is all about to change when he meets Nadine and a group ... More


After the boy was dead and hastily buried, we stood around for a long time wondering what to do next.

No one said anything. What was there to say?

Sam was dead. I still see the five of us standing in a hush around that shallow grave. It is an image frozen in my mi...

The Gods' Own
by Alexis Cunningham

Street conjuror Yasha Alukov wants only one thing, to get even with the rival who put him in prison but when he's released he discovers Djisi City's magical underworld overrun by demigods--and all of ... More

Chapter 1
Preach on, My Brother

‘Remember my brothers, we are the gods own chosen soldiers,’ Preacher hollered, arms raised toward the cafeteria roof. ‘For we have been granted great gifts that we might use them for their glory—‘

‘Get off the Pit damn tabl...

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