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from Daisy by RS Potter

Copyright © 2019–2021 Rick Potter

The Fork in the Road

Melissa Fredrikson glanced up from petting Princess, a three-pound Yorkshire Terrier, and found Mike piercing into her from the rearview mirror. “Mike, look out!”

He slammed on the brakes and screeched the Blazer to a stop. “Mel, it was just a squirrel.”

Jeffrey, Melissa’s ten-year-old brother, shook his head. “Was a squirrel.”

Melissa marveled at the fragrant charm of the San Bernardino mountains and its flora. The quaint log cabins tucked in pine, oak, and maple trees were breath-taking. Her determination to reconnect with Jeffery got her mind off leaving for college.

Mike sped up the road when a child on a bicycle darted out in front of him. He cranked the wheel and swerved.

“Trying to kill little kids now, huh?”

“Mel, control your little brother or he can walk.” He grinned in the mirror and ran his fingers through his brown hair. Mike's reputation as a girl-chaser equaled being the star athlete. Roman was only popular by association.

Seated shotgun, Roman wiped crumbs from his mouth. “Anyone want some chips or a donut?”

When no one answered, he shrugged. “Suit yourselves.”

After winding up the road, Jeffrey asked Melissa. “Are w...

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