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Writing a novel? Get discovered & grow your fan base.

Share your story with us, one chapter at a time!

ChapterBuzz connects you with other authors at all stages of the writing journey, and with book lovers who are eager to discover new writers.

Build buzz & climb the charts.

Have you ever aspired to having a #1 book? This is your chance.

You move up every time a fan hits the "Buzz!" button for one of your chapters. It could happen sooner than you think: even a novel-in-progress can hit the Top 20!

Set goals. Move forward. Finish your book!

Maybe you're scaling your own personal Everest by writing 10,000 words in our 10K Social Writing Challenge.

Or maybe you're making steady progress on your novel—250 words at a time—in the Page-a-Week Writers Club.

Either way, becoming a published author is now within reach!

Earn badges & share the journey.

Who wants to spend months or years holed up in a writing den? The journey to becoming a published author should be fun, and above all, shareable! Earn badges and show off your progress along the way.

Release your first published book with confidence.

You'll have plenty of opportunities to get feedback from other ChapterBuzz members while you write your novel.

The end result? A polished manuscript you know your readers already love before you publish it—no second-guessing or finger-crossing involved.

This is how The Martian became a book, then a movie.

After posting his story chapter by exciting chapter on his blog, his readership soared, and unknown writer Andy Weir decided to self-publish.

Sales took off, and soon The Martian (starring Matt Damon) became a Golden Globe–winning Hollywood production. Here's how Andy felt

Tell your story the best way: chapter by exciting chapter.

What do people like so much about binge-watching Netflix? It's like a book they can't put down—each episode leaves them craving more.

That's the idea here: each of your chapters is like an episode that will keep your fans coming back.

Win an award.

Sign up for our 10K Social Writing Challenge, which takes place every March and October, and you'll be eligible for one of several awards given to promising works-in-progress.

You could soon be an award-winning author, with an award-winning book on your hands!

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