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Write a novel. Get published. Get discovered.

Ready to write a novel? ChapterBuzz makes it easy and fun:


Delight our readers and turn them into Fans! When readers "Buzz" your chapters, your book rises in popularity—so you can attract even more readers.


The more readers who join your Fan Club, the more credits you earn every month to help cover the costs of self-publishing, like book cover design and copy editing.


Redeem your credits for the publishing package of your choice, and I will personally work with you to publish your book beautifully on Amazon.

Your writing journey starts here.

I wanted to write but didn't have the courage. But thanks to ChapterBuzz, and feedback from the community, I realize I can be a writer.”

—Author Cynthia A. Jensen
Turn your ideas into a story.

You've got great ideas, but how do they all fit together?

Our self-paced writing courses and boot camps can help you turn those ideas into a terrific novel that readers will love.

Fine-tune your novel to perfection.

Starting with Chapter 1, you'll be able to ask readers for feedback—and use it to make improvements.

Build confidence as your followers read & let you know how much they're enjoying your story!

It was refreshing to receive so much feedback on my work-in-progress that I can't stop now. Thank you for creating this amazing opportunity.”

—Author Dacia M Arnold, award winner

Your site helped build my confidence. I put a thank you in the acknowledgment section to everyone on ChapterBuzz who commented and helped improve my book.”

—Author Shirley Holder Platt, award winner
Meet other writers.

When you get involved in our community, you'll make professional connections—or even friendships—that can push your writing career to greater heights.

Here, you're in good company.

Publish your book on Amazon.

Many thousands of authors make a living selling their books on Amazon. You could be one of them!

It all starts with one book.

The sense of pride and personal achievement is immense. I've made new friends who share my enthusiasm and excitement, which is crucial: to be encouraged by a community of writers who understand how difficult the process can be.”

—Author Liberty Henwick, award winner

Thank you for inspiring me in the beginning! The encouragement from ChapterBuzz was so helpful.”

—Author Jaye Marie
Win Book of the Year.

We'll help you get 3 reviews for your book so you can compete for our ultimate award: Book of the Year!

We'll put your name in lights and let all of our readers know about your newly published book.

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