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It's your dream to be a published author.

Our community of writers & readers can help you...

Write the perfect novel.

Fine tune your novel with the help of friendly feedback from writers and readers—and even editors—you know and trust.
Publish it on Amazon.

We make it quick and easy to publish your book on Amazon.
Build your readership.

Build a base of loyal Fans who can't wait to read your next chapter.

Your author platform starts here!

Your site helped build my confidence. I put a thank you in the acknowledgment section to everyone on ChapterBuzz who commented and helped improve my book.”

—Author Shirley Holder Platt, award winner

It's your dream to become a published author. Are you ready?

There are plenty of excuses not to write a book: "My writing isn't good enough." "What if I do all the work and no one likes it?" And the most common, "I don't even know where to start."

These thoughts can derail your writing efforts—or worse, keep you from even trying.

Meanwhile, the dream won't let go. You can already feel that finished book in your hand. Hear all the compliments from readers. See a stranger turning the pages of your novel, captivated by your words.

Welcome to ChapterBuzz, where you can connect with like-minded writers—who love helping each other out—to start your climb toward literary success.

Join us today and let's turn your dream into reality!

Post your first chapter today.

The magic starts when you post your first chapter.

Once three readers have "Buzzed" your chapter, your book becomes BuzzWorthy, and we start showing it off around the site. Now, even more readers can discover it!

Your Feedback Circle is here to help.

Your Feedback Circle is a group of friends, readers, and even editors—that you've hand picked—who will help you develop a great novel.

They can give you feedback, "Buzz" your chapters, and show their support by giving you ChapterBucks, which are credits you can use to publish your book when the time comes.

When you're here, you're famous.

Fame Points help you stand out on ChapterBuzz, and you can earn them just by writing, reading, and staying active on the site.

The more Fame Points you earn, the more you'll be in the spotlight here. Fame Points also help you climb the Ladder of Fame...from Newcomer to SuperStar Author!

How to build your author platform.

As readers discover your books and become Fans, your audience and author platform will grow.

Your Fans can't wait to find out what happens next, so don't leave them hanging! Every time you post a chapter, we'll let your Fans know.

And when you publish your book, we'll let them know where it's available so they can buy it.

We're all buzzing about your Buzzing book.

As you climb the Ladder of Fame and your books move up the ChapterBuzz Chart, you may find yourself featured in our community e-zine, Books & Buzz Magazine.

Our subscribers love hearing about up-and-coming authors and newly published books!

Win an award for your writing.

Every March and October, you're invited to join us in the 10K Novel-Building Challenge. In addition to cranking out 10,000 words, you could also win an award for your work-in-progress.

Just think, you could be an award-winning writer before you're even published!

Publish with confidence.

When it's time to publish your book, you'll know readers already love it—no finger-crossing or second-guessing required, so you can publish with confidence.

We make publishing on the Amazon/Kindle platform easy and affordable.

The best part is, you can redeem the ChapterBucks you've been collecting for one of our complete publishing packages.

This is how The Martian became a book, then a movie.

After posting his story chapter by exciting chapter on his blog, readership soared, and unknown writer Andy Weir decided to self-publish.

Sales took off, and soon The Martian (starring Matt Damon) became a Golden Globe–winning Hollywood production. Here's how Andy felt

I wanted to write but didn't have the courage. But thanks to ChapterBuzz, and feedback from the community, I realize I can be a writer.”

—Author Cynthia A. Jensen

I love that I've been able to connect with other writers, which is something I've always found a bit difficult to do.”

—Author Sibille Rose, award winner

It was refreshing to receive so much feedback on my work-in-progress that I can't stop now. Thank you for creating this amazing opportunity.”

—Author Dacia M Arnold, award winner

Thank you for inspiring me in the beginning! The encouragement from ChapterBuzz was so helpful.”

—Author Jaye Marie

The sense of pride and personal achievement is immense. I've made new friends who share my enthusiasm and excitement, which is crucial: to be encouraged by a community of writers who understand how difficult the process can be.”

—Author Liberty Henwick, award winner

What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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