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About me

Dacia M Arnold is an award-winning American novelist, freelance writer, mother,and a ten-year Army Veteran. Her novella Reactance, a companion to Apparent Power, is a #1 bestseller on Amazon.

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Science Fiction
Taking Power: Book Five of the DiaZem Series
by Dacia M Arnold

THE FINAL BOOK!!!! "Sounds interesting!

No chapters posted yet.

The Hunt for Bheanoira: Jude's Journey
by Dacia M Arnold

On a quest to redeem centuries of family shame, Jude reaches the last leg of his quest to defeat the monster Bheanoira. "Sounds interesting!

Chapter 1

Jude lowered the map to study the horizon. A warm breeze blew his black sweat dampened hair into his face. From the top of the hill he saw a small town in the distance, given away by the specks of light burning bright against the dimming eastern sky. Beyond the town...

Memoirs of a Dacia: Life Happens For Me, Not To Me
by Dacia M Arnold

The life journey of author, mother and US Army Veteran, Dacia M Arnold "Sounds interesting!

What's In A Name?
Thanks Dad

I hated my name growing up.


Like most kids with unique names, I tried my best to anticipate the substitute teacher’s grimace and squint as the trigger to give her the answer to such a mind boggling question... “How do you pronounce Dac...

Literary Fiction

Buy a copy!
The Brightest Firefly: A Collection of Short Works
by Dacia M Arnold

In these pages you will find poetry and plays, fiction and nonfiction. Enjoy the journey. Available for purchase on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QC9G2PG

Dear Reader

Dear Reader,






When I started writing in 2015, I knew I would see my story through to the end. December 6, 2017, my thirty-third birthday, I signed my first ever full length project to a small...

Science Fiction
Shifting Power: Book 2 of the DiaZem Series
by Dacia Arnold

After gaining power of the Western Region of the United States, Valerie Russell finds herself a leader of a rebellion against the World Council. Seven months pregnant, she must fight for control of the Pacific Fleets to win the trade routes before they are cut off by her enemies. "Sounds interesting!

No chapters posted yet.

Science Fiction
Apparent Power
by Dacia Arnold

Apparent Power is the adult answer to Divergent. A High action dystopian novel where the MOM saves the world. Look for APPARENT POWER in all major book platforms including Audible DECEMBER 2018. "Sounds interesting!

No chapters posted yet.

Press & Media

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