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About me

Dacia Arnold is an author and a mom, but that is only scratching the surface. She is also an avid karaoke singer and crafter. Her Novel, Apparent Power got its start right here on ChapterBuzz.com and will be published December 2018.

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Writings of a Dacia: A Collection of Shorts
by Dacia M Arnold

A Collection of Short Writings by Author Dacia M Arnold

Writing a World

I write in the wee morning light, when everything slumbers and the morning is merely a pink-orange glow. When the night animals tuck in their dark spaces to escape the light and the day animals roll sleepily from where they claimed as home the night before. When my ...

Shifting Power: Book 2 of the DiaZem Series
by Dacia Arnold

After gaining power of the Western Region of the United States, Valerie Russell finds herself a leader of a rebellion against the World Council. Seven months pregnant, she must fight for control of the Pacific Fleets to win the trade routes before they are cut off by her enemies.

No chapters posted yet.

Apparent Power
by Dacia Arnold

Apparent Power is the adult answer to Divergent. A High action dystopian novel where the MOM saves the world. Look for APPARENT POWER in all major book platforms including Audible DECEMBER 2018.

No chapters posted yet.


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