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Dacia M Arnold is a writing coach, award-winning American novelist, mom, and Army Veteran. Her work has appeared in the New York Times and countless other platforms. Now she shares her expertise with authors of all calibers.

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Dacia M Arnold     (Tier V SuperStar Author )

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Science Fiction
Taking Power: Book Five of the DiaZem Series
by Dacia M Arnold

THE FINAL BOOK!!!! "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

Valerie Russell took four long strides towards her new captor and punched him square in the jaw. Needle like pain erupted in her hand and shot through to her elbow. The impact, no doubt, broke more than one bone. Tears blurred her vision. Rage boiled in her chest releasing a battle cry of pain, frustration, and targeted hate. She pulled back again and took another swing. This time Tony blocked her arm and maneuvered to hug her into him. Valerie screamed and thrashed against his arms, fighting with e...

The Hunt for Bheanoira: Jude's Journey
by Dacia M Arnold

On a quest to redeem centuries of family shame, Jude reaches the last leg of his quest to defeat the monster Bheanoira. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

Jude lowered the map to study the horizon. A warm breeze blew his black sweat dampened hair into his face. From the top of the hill he saw a small town in the distance, given away by the specks of light burning bright against the dimming eastern sky. Beyond the town looked black as if the complete absence of light cupped the small village, able to snuff it out with a mere clap. He would have to wait until first light to verify, the darkness was the perilous wood of legends.

His hand traced down th...

Memoirs of a Dacia: The Super Woman Next Door
by Dacia M Arnold

The life journey of author, mother and US Army Veteran, Dacia M Arnold "Sounds interesting!"

Part I. Seek and You Will Find

“Show me your War Faaaaaace!!!!” screamed a drill sergeant high in the guard tower overlooking our company of army trainees. They called us “privates”, as this was the rank most of us wore. Entry Level, but likely just to be demoralizing referring to us as an alias to genitalia. Better than seamen I guess.

The drill sergeant’s voice was amplified by a bull horn and even the distortion couldn’t hide the smile from his tone. On the ride over, I overheard a hand ful...

Literary Fiction
The Brightest Firefly: A Collection of Short Works
by Dacia M Arnold

In these pages you will find poetry and plays, fiction and nonfiction. Enjoy the journey. Available for purchase on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QC9G2PG "Sounds interesting!"

Dear Reader

Dear Reader,






When I started writing in 2015, I knew I would see my story through to the end. December 6, 2017, my thirty-third birthday, I signed my first ever full length project to a small publishing house. Astonishingly, the book was not the only work I finished within those two years.

About three months into developing my story, and halfway through Apparent Power, I drafted myself into a hole. A major plot point wedged...

Science Fiction
Shifting Power: Book 2 of the DiaZem Series
by Dacia Arnold

After gaining power of the Western Region of the United States, Valerie Russell finds herself a leader of a rebellion against the World Council. Seven months pregnant, she must fight for control of the Pacific Fleets to win the trade routes before they are cut off by her enemies. "Sounds interesting!"

No chapters posted yet.

Science Fiction

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Apparent Power: Book One of the DiaZem Series
by Dacia Arnold

A dormant gene awakens... And so does a rising world government. Valerie Russell is the key. Does she save her husband and son? Or humanity?

Chapter One

The electricity flew from her fingers to the shower door handle. Valerie Russell yanked her hand back. The shock had not hurt, but the burst of light caught her off guard. She reached again, slowly. This time, nothing happened, and she stepped into the shower. The water flowing over her face was satisfying in that it woke her senses far better than her alarm. Startled out of her thoughts by her husband clearing his throat, she took a breath to tell him what had just happened when he cut her off.


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