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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is ChapterBuzz?

ChapterBuzz is a community of writers and readers where you can write & share your novel, get feedback & fine-tune your work, grow your readership, and accomplish your ultimate goal: publishing your book.

The end result? A finished novel that you know readers already love—no need to second-guess yourself, or cross your fingers hoping that people like it.

How does it work?
  • Start right now, for free. You can join for free and start posting chapters right away.
  • Fame, Fans, and HyperBuzz await you. Keep your author profile in the spotlight and attract more Fans by earning Fame Points. If enough Fans BUZZ your book-in-progress, you'll earn Buzz Stars and activate HyperBuzz—helping to attract even more Fans!
  • Fine-tune your novel. Friendly feedback and constructive criticism from our community helps you improve your manuscript as you write, and lets you know what is resonating with readers, so that you can publish your book with confidence.

Why should I join ChapterBuzz?

With your free ChapterBuzz membership, you can:
  • Enjoy reading exciting, original books & novels-in-progress
  • Discover & support talented, up-and-coming authors
  • Get recommendations in your favorite genres
  • Help authors fine-tune their manuscripts by giving feedback
  • Write your own novel and reach new readers!
Join now

I'm nervous that people won't like my writing. Will I fit in here?

Yes, in fact, you're one of the main reasons I designed this site!

ChapterBuzz is where you can meet other authors, get more exposure for your writing, and even win an award for a job well done.

How do you become a better writer? You receive feedback on your writing, which easy to do here. We're talking about friendly feedback, and constructive criticism, by the way. That's the key to getting better and gaining confidence: constant practice and continual fine-tuning based on reader input.

One thing's for certain: you won't succeed unless you try, and literary success is all about taking risks, stretching your comfort zone, and growing as a writer. Just wait till you start building Fame Points, HyperBuzzing, and climbing the charts—what a rush! You'll love it here. We're all seriously having a blast. We all started out a little nervous, but most of all, excited. Come on in, the water's fine.

How do I get started?

Whether you're a writer or not, start now by joining for free.

Not quite ready to join? Get wrapped up in one of our many books!

How do I get Fans?

A reader becomes a Fan by visiting your page and clicking "I'm a Fan!" Alternatively, a reader can become a Fan by BUZZ-ing 3 or more of your chapters. Since your Fans are your most enthusiastic readers, they'll be the first to receive updates when you post new material!

How do I get BUZZ for my book?

In order to read your entire chapter, a reader must click "BUZZ" in order to display the rest of text. The more "BUZZ" clicks you get, the faster you move up the charts!

How do I climb the charts?

Once you start climbing the charts, you'll know people are enjoying your writing. It's a great feeling!

Quite simply, your position on the chart is based on how many readers have BUZZed your chapters.

Here are some tips for climbing ever higher:
  • Post at least 3 chapters. To be eligible for the chart, you must have publicly posted at least 3 chapters for your book. This is so that readers have plenty to enjoy!
  • Earn Fame Points. The more Fame Points you earn, the more your name shows up around the site and in the e-mails we send to everyone each week. Fortunately, Fame Points are easy to earn!
  • Invite new readers. This is a powerful way to climb to the top. Since your position on the chart is based on how many people are reading and BUZZing your chapters, simply inviting friends and social media followers to read your book can help you to soar.
Remember, it's your book that climbs the chart, not you as an author. This means that you could have more than one book on the chart, each at a different position.

See also: What is the difference between Fame Points and HyperBuzz?

How can I win an award for my writing?

Several awards, in a variety of categories, are presented to authors at the end of each 10K Social Writing Challenge for exceptionally promising novels-in-progress. For more information, please see the Challenge FAQ. Good luck!

What are Fame Points?

Fame Points help you keep your author profile in the spotlight.

As you earn Fame Points, your name and book title(s) will appear in more places on the site: in people's Discovery Feeds, in recommendations, and in e-mails sent to all ChapterBuzz members. In addition, authors with the highest Fame Scores will appear at the top of our Authors Page.

See also:

How do I earn Fame Points?

Below are the actions that will earn you Fame Points:
  • BUZZ a chapter. 1 point. These points are awarded for each chapter you BUZZ. You have to BUZZ a chapter anyway to read the whole thing, but now you can build Fame as you read.
  • "Like" a writer's prompt response. 1 point. This point value is awarded whenever you read a response to someone's writing prompt, and click "Like." Great way to build Fame while supporting your fellow writers!
  • Upvote a feedback comment. 1 point. Whenever you upvote someone's feedback comment (whether it's a comment about a chapter or a writing prompt response), you'll receive these points.
  • Provide a feedback comment for other writers. 5 points. Leave a feedback comment, and you'll get these points for each member who upvotes it. Feel good knowing that your feedback greatly helps other writers improve their stories!
  • Post chapters for us to read. 10 points. These points will be awarded each time a reader BUZZes your chapter. Great job, by the way—it means they are enjoying your work!
  • Get a new Fan. 10 points. Whenever you get a new Fan, you'll be awarded these points. Pro-tip: rack up mega-Fame when you share your ChapterBuzz page and tell your friends to visit & click "I'm a Fan!"
See also: What are Fame Points?

What is HyperBuzz?

It's another way to get noticed!

HyperBuzz is activated when you've earned 3 Buzz Stars in a row. This means your book has been getting a lot of attention, and we want to promote it even more. So we'll start showing it to people in as many places as possible: Discovery Feed, Dashboard recommendations, other areas of the website, and in a weekly e-mail that goes out to all ChapterBuzz readers and writers.

We want you to be discovered by as many readers as possible!

See also: What is the difference between Fame Points and HyperBuzz?

What is the difference between Fame Points and HyperBuzz?

They both give you more exposure, but...

Fame Points apply to you as an author, and you have direct control over earning them. They can be earned by posting chapters, reading other books, giving feedback, and other activities. In other words, using the site every day to do what you already love doing!

HyperBuzz applies to your individual books, and means people have been enjoying your chapters! When your book is HyperBuzzing, we'll show it off more around the site, and in our weekly e-mails, so it can attract the attention of even more readers.

Think of it this way: more Fame Points = more chances to activate HyperBuzz!

See also: How do I earn Fame Points?

What are Buzz Stars?

Each day, I award a Buzz Star to books that are getting more BUZZ than most of the other books on the site. Get a Buzz Star 3 days in a row, and you'll activate HyperBuzz!

But...lose the momentum before you get 3 Buzz Stars in a row, and you'll go back to 0.

See also: How do I continue to get Buzz Stars?

If I start getting Buzz Stars, how do I keep getting them?

Brag a bit! Tell your Facebook friends and blog followers to stop by and BUZZ your chapters. This will keep your book buzzing and moving up the charts.

Here are the most powerful ways to share your ChapterBuzz page and get readers to BUZZ!

What is my Tier of Authorship?

Your Tier of Authorship specifies where you are in your writing journey. This helps other community members know more readily what you've achieved so far and what challenges you might currently be facing, and also helps me better personalize your Discovery Feed.

Simply find your Tier below, then set it here:
  • Tier I. I am unpublished, but plan to write a book. So far, I have not completed any chapters.
  • Tier II. I am unpublished, but currently writing a book. I've written at least one chapter.
  • Tier III. I have one published book on the market, either e-book or print. Note: Co-authored books count as long as your name (or your pen name) appears on the book. However, inclusion in an anthology, or ghostwritten works, do not count.
  • Tier IV. I have 2–4 published books on the market.
  • Tier V. I have 5 or more published books on the market.
Again, you may set or change your Authorship Tier here.

I don't feel "qualified" to give feedback. Can I still provide it?

Most definitely! Everyone's input matters equally, just in different ways. While experienced writers can provide specific suggestions to help with wording, pacing, plot elements, and more, non-writers are very much encouraged to give their candid opinions on what they read. After all, an author's fan base will likely be made up mostly of non-writers.

Did something not make sense to you? Chances are it wouldn't make sense to other people either, and pointing that out gives the writer a chance to clarify. Maybe you noticed a discrepancy, thought a certain section dragged a little, or spotted a typo. You can make the writer aware of this by adding your feedback.

Bottom line: even the most non-technical input can help immensely, and as a community, we're all about helping our writers produce the best finished products possible.

See also: How do I accept feedback on my writing?

Is any genre allowed?

For the most part, yes. Fiction usually works best, although non-fiction narratives are welcome too. Ultimately, keeping readers interested and wanting more is the name of the game, so if your genre can do that, you're in good shape.

Keep in mind that images are not currently supported by ChapterBuzz, so if your book relies heavily on artwork, it probably won't be a fit.

We're pretty open and flexible about genre here, but as you can imagine, more extreme material is outright prohibited on ChapterBuzz. For more, please refer to the ChapterBuzz Terms of Use.

How do I share a blog article I wrote about an author here?

On the profile page of your favorite author, click "Mention on Blog," then the "Share article" button. You'll be prompted to enter the title and URL (link) to your blog post. (Please make sure it's a direct link to your article, not just the home page of your blog.)

What are Blog Blurbs?

Blog Blurbs are pre-written, pre-formatted snippets that you can drop right into a blog post for a super-easy way to mention your own (or another writer's) work.

You can use Blog Blurbs to mention:
  • A particular author. Got a favorite writer and can't wait to sing their praises? On that author's profile page, click "Mention on Blog" to get the Blog Blurb. Find an author
  • A certain book. Mention your own (or someone else's) book on your blog. The Blog Blurb for a book contains the book's title along with links to all the chapters that are available for people to read on ChapterBuzz.
  • A specific chapter. Easily post a link to a chapter you liked, and entice your blog readers to come over and read it. This is a great way to get more feedback on certain chapters.

How do I post a Blog Blurb on my blog?

Blog Blurbs are snippets of HTML code that you can copy & paste into your blog post. They are pre-written and pre-formatted, so all you have to do is drop 'em in!

Instructions for WordPress users:

1. Open the WordPress editor. First, start composing a new blog post (or editing an existing one) as you normally would.

2. Switch into "HTML Mode." Blog Blurbs are written in HTML code, which allows them to be pre-formatted, so to use them you'll need to switch into WordPress's "HTML Mode."

This is not as technical as it sounds. Below, I've circled where you need to click to switch into HTML Mode. WordPress has three different types of editors, so find which editor you're using among the screenshots below:

Editor #1

Editor #2

Editor #3

3. Copy & paste. Copy & paste your Blog Blurb wherever you want it to go.

That's it!

From here, if you would like to modify the wording, just switch back into regular editing mode and you can make changes as you would with any other blog post.

(If you aren't using WordPress, the process will be very similar. Most blogging platforms will be able to accept HTML code.)

Can I change the wording of a Blog Blurb?

Yes! While Blog Blurbs are pre-written and pre-formatted for ease of use, you are certainly free to modify the wording however you see fit once you've followed the copy & paste instructions for your Blog Blurb.

If you aren't familiar with editing HTML code directly, it's probably easier to switch back to regular editing mode and change the wording in the same way you would with any other blog post.

How Do I...?

How do I search for a writer I know?

Our search page lets you search by author name or title.

How do I share my ChapterBuzz page?

Simply share your link, which is:


...anywhere you can, like social media, your blog, or your business card. Here are some powerful ways to share

Also, our invite page helps you share automatically! Try it out

How do I post and share my first chapter?

From your Dashboard, locate your book title, then click "New chapter."

You'll be taken through 3 screens:

1. Chapter title (and optionally, subtitle). Example: If your chapter is called "Chapter 5: The Plan," Chapter 5 is the title and The Plan is the subtitle.

2. Chapter text. Here, either compose or paste in your chapter text, in much the same manner you would create a blog post. Then click "Preview."

3. Preview & post. If the preview looks good, be sure to click "Post it!" to make your chapter active and public.

Why is my chapter not showing up publicly?

You may not have officially posted it. The most important thing to do is click "Post it!" after you compose (or paste in) your chapter text.

How to remedy this:
  1. From your Dashboard, locate the chapter and click "Manage"
  2. Click "Continue" on the first screen
  3. Click "Preview" on the text editor screen
  4. Click "Post it!" on the preview screen
That should do it!

See also: Posting and sharing chapters

How do I make a chapter private?

If you don't want a certain chapter to show up in your book's chapter list, either keep it in saved draft form, or if you've already posted it publicly, you can deactivate it.

How do I edit my chapter information?

From your Dashboard, locate your book title and its chapter list, and click "Manage" next to the chapter you want.

You'll be able to modify:
  • Chapter title
  • Chapter subtitle
  • Your book's genre
  • Your book's content rating
  • Your chapter text

How do I deactivate a chapter?

If you would like to temporarily remove a chapter from public view, you can deactivate the chapter.

From your Dashboard, locate your book title and its chapter list, and click "More..." next to the chapter you want. The "Deactivate" option should appear, and you will be asked to confirm on the next screen.

See also: Deactivating your book

How do I accept feedback on my writing?

This is a feature that can be turned on or off, depending on whether and when you want to accept feedback. It can be toggled through your Settings page. When the feature is enabled, the comment sections for all of your chapters are open, and any ChapterBuzz member is allowed to comment.

How do I ask people to give me feedback?

One effective way to ask people for feedback is to post a top-level comment in the comment section of the chapter you're seeking feedback for. When you, as the author, post a top-level comment in your own comment section, all of your Fans (how do I get more Fans?) will receive an e-mail notification with your comment.

Saying something specific, like "Just posted this chapter, please let me know if Jason's dialogue is realistic in the kitchen scene," or the more general "Let me know what you think!" are good ways to get the discussion started.

How do I change my book cover, or other book information?

From your Dashboard, locate your book title, then choose "Edit info" to the right. A page will come up where you can edit title, description, genre, and change or add a cover image.

How do I deactivate my book?

From your Dashboard, locate your book title, then choose "More..." to the right. The "Deactivate" option should appear, which will allow you to temporarily remove your book from public view.

See also: Deactivating a chapter

How do I log out?

From your Settings page, scroll down to the "Account" section, where you should see a "Sign out" link.

How do I delete my account?

We sure don't want you to, but it's possible (and as permanent as can be). You'll find this option at the bottom of your settings page. You must be logged in, and have your account password handy.

How do I display ChapterBuzz badges or icons on my blog's sidebar?

One of the most powerful ways to bring people (your soon-to-be Fans!) over to your ChapterBuzz page is to place a clickable icon or badge on your blog's sidebar. You'll just need the snippet of HTML code from our How to Share page.

Here's how to add this to your sidebar (for WordPress blogs):
  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard:
  2. Navigate to Appearance > Widgets
  3. Under the "Widgets" section, drag a "Text" widget to the "Sidebar" area at right
  4. In the Title field, type "Read my book on ChapterBuzz"
  5. In the Content field, paste the HTML code snippet we gave you
  6. Click "Save," and done!
Your ChapterBuzz graphic should now appear in your blog's sidebar, which is visible from any page in your blog, and your followers will be able to click through directly to your ChapterBuzz profile.

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