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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is ChapterBuzz?

ChapterBuzz is a place to write & share your novel, build buzz, and grow your fan base.

If you wish, you can even receive feedback as you write. This lets you know what is resonating with your audience, and what could be improved. The end result? A finished novel that you know readers already love before you publish—no guesswork or finger-crossing required.

How does it work?

The key to success on ChapterBuzz is letting the world know they can read your novel-in-progress here. People visit your page and become fans—either by clicking "I'm a Fan!" or by "Buzz"-ing at least 3 of your chapters (a "Buzz" is similar in concept to a "Like" on other social sites).

The best part? When your fans "Buzz" your chapters, your book climbs the charts. See who's at #1 this week

We'll notify your eager fans each time you post new material. In this way, your fans will always be up to date, and continuing to want more!

Why should I join ChapterBuzz?

With your free ChapterBuzz membership, you can:
  • Enjoy reading all of our exciting, original books
  • Discover & support talented, up-and-coming authors
  • Get recommendations in your favorite genres
  • Help authors fine-tune their manuscripts by giving feedback
  • Write your own novel and reach new fans!
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I'm nervous that people won't like my writing. Will I fit in here?

Fit in? You're one of the main reasons we designed this site!

This is where you become a better writer. This is where you meet other authors and talk about each other's novels. This is where you get exposure for your writing, and this is where you get recognized with an award for a job well done.

How do you become a better writer? You receive feedback on your writing, which is easy to do here. We're talking about friendly feedback, and constructive criticism, by the way. That's the key to getting better and gaining confidence: constant practice and continual fine-tuning based on reader input.

One thing's for certain: you won't succeed unless you try, and literary success is all about taking risks, stretching your comfort zone, and growing as a writer. Just wait till you start climbing the charts—what a rush! You'll love it here. We're all seriously having a blast. We all started out a little nervous, but most of all, excited. Come on in, the water's fine.

How do I get started?

Join here (it's free), and you'll be able to start writing right away. Not a writer? Get wrapped up in one of our many stories!

Will my content be available to the general public?

Yes. Any chapters you choose to share publicly (which we hope will be all of them!) will be viewable by anyone. Any person with a ChapterBuzz account will be able to add comments and contribute to the feedback discussion about your work, if you have this feature enabled.

Is any genre allowed?

For the most part, yes. Narratives usually work best, many of which are fiction, but non-fiction is welcome too. Your book doesn't have to be a continuous narrative—some writers post collections of short stories or vignettes. Ultimately, keeping readers interested and wanting more is the name of the game, so if your genre can do that, you're in good shape.

Keep in mind that images are not currently supported by ChapterBuzz, so if your story relies heavily on artwork, it probably won't be a fit.

We're pretty open and flexible about genre here, but as you can imagine, some material is outright prohibited on ChapterBuzz. For more, please refer to the ChapterBuzz Terms of Use.

How Do I...?

How do I search for a writer I know?

Use our search page!

How do I share my ChapterBuzz page?

Simply share your link, which is:


...anywhere you can, like social media, your blog, or your business card. Here are some powerful ways to share

Also, our invite page helps you share automatically! Try it out

How do I post my writing?

On ChapterBuzz, you post your story in chapter installments. You can either compose your chapters right here on the site (using our text editor, much like you would compose a blog post), or you can copy and paste your text from another source, such as Microsoft Word, PDF, or your blog.

Note: Save often, and always back up your work elsewhere!

How do I post and share my first chapter?

From your Dashboard, locate your book title, then choose "Add Chapter." Our text editor will pop up, which you can use to compose your chapter in real time, or paste in text from another source, such as Microsoft Word, PDF, or your blog.

When you're ready to share your chapter publicly, choose "I'm ready to share this chapter!" and it will be visible to members on the site.

But here's how to supercharge your exposure: as soon as you make your chapter public, we'll show you a link you can share with people that will bring them directly to your new chapter. Share this link on Facebook, Twitter, or any number of other ways, and keep building your fan base!

Note: Save often, and always back up your work elsewhere!

How do I make a chapter private?

At ChapterBuzz, a chapter is either shared publicly, or it's in "draft" mode, which means no one can see it. It's not recommended you leave it in draft mode for too long—remember, your fans are waiting and excited to read!

If you've already shared a chapter, you can revert to draft mode. Just edit the chapter and check "Revert to draft mode" before saving, and it will no longer be public. But since you are allowed to make changes even while it's public, there shouldn't be much of a need to do this, and it's not recommended.

How do I edit a chapter?

From your Dashboard, locate your book title and its chapter list, and click "Edit" next to the chapter you want to modify. Our text editor will pop up for you to make changes.

Note: Save often, and always back up your work elsewhere!

How do I accept feedback on my writing?

This is a feature that can be turned on or off, depending on whether and when you want to accept feedback. It can be toggled through your Settings page. When the feature is enabled, the comment sections for all of your chapters are open, and any ChapterBuzz member is allowed to comment.

How do I change my story info or book cover?

From your Dashboard, locate your book title, then choose "Edit info" to the right. A page will come up where you can edit title, description, genre, even change or add a cover image.

How do I switch to the plain text editor?

We have a really nice text editor called Quill, which is very intuitive and easy to use. If you have used WordPress, you'll be right at home because it works in much the same way.

If you're having trouble with it, however, we have a no-frills plain text editor you can use. Underneath the Quill text editor, there is a "Try our plain text editor" link that will bring you there. You can also change your default text editor on your settings page, in the "Text Editor" section.

How do I display ChapterBuzz badges or icons on my blog's sidebar?

One of the most powerful ways to bring people (your soon-to-be fans!) over to your ChapterBuzz page is to place a clickable icon or badge on your blog's sidebar. You'll just need the snippet of HTML code from our How to Share page.

Here's how to add this to your sidebar (for WordPress blogs):
  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard:
  2. Navigate to Appearance > Widgets
  3. Under the "Widgets" section, drag a "Text" widget to the "Sidebar" area at right
  4. In the Title field, type "Read my book on ChapterBuzz"
  5. In the Content field, paste the HTML code snippet we gave you
  6. Click "Save," and done!
Your ChapterBuzz graphic should now appear in your blog's sidebar, which is visible from any page in your blog, and your followers will be able to click through directly to your ChapterBuzz profile.

Miscellaneous questions

My word count seems to be off. Why?

Our word count algorithm may work slightly differently than the one you've been using. For example, some programs will count "Chris's" as two words, and "second-story" as one—while others do the opposite—sometimes leading to a word count discrepancy. The good news is that word counts rarely need to be exact, so unless it's way off, it shouldn't be a problem.

Why does the plain text editor tell me my work is unsaved even though I've saved it?

This notification comes from your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.), and each browser works a little differently—some don't even display the warning when indeed they should. So to prevent you from losing work, we've simply forced it to pop up every time you try to navigate away from the page, even if you've already saved. As long as you know you've saved, you can safely ignore the warning.

Note: Save often, and always back up your work elsewhere!

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