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Let's publish your book!

Are you finished writing your novel?

I'll work with you one-on-one to turn your Microsoft Word file ...

... into a beautiful published book, available on Amazon ...

... and I guarantee you'll be thrilled with the finished product.

Even if you're still writing your novel, keep scrolling to see what I, along with my talented team, can do for you!

Timothy Pike (Tim)
Founder of ChapterBuzz

Did you know?

You can earn a publishing package without spending a dime...with the help of your Fan Club! Learn how

Here's what awaits you as your book comes to life:

A book cover that will dazzle readers.

Everyone judges books by their covers, and many decide to read a book just based on what it looks like on the outside.

This is why your book cover will be custom designed (never from a template) by a professional graphic designer, who will start off with any ideas you had in mind, then present you with an assortment of concepts to choose from, giving you full creative control.

See more covers, below

I am so grateful; if it hadn't been for your services and help guiding me through the process and orchestrating everything, Mastermind would never have become a reality.”

—Kat Frost, author of Mastermind

Professional editing to make your words sparkle.

Editing can take your manuscript from "good" to super impressive, which is why our best package, the Deluxe Indie Author package, includes copy editing for up to 80,000 words.

Your novel will be copy edited and proofread by a professional copy editor, a two-pass process that makes your words shine!

Even more sales with a Kindle edition.

Make sure you're also reaching the many people who prefer to read books on their Kindle e-readers. I'll link your Amazon book page to your Kindle edition—and vice versa—so customers can find it and purchase it easily.

Available through Barnes & Noble, too.

Because you want your book to reach as many readers as possible, Amazon's Expanded Distribution program allows your book to be sold online at Barnes & Noble (bn.com) and other online retail outlets.*

This means readers can discover and purchase your book even if they're not on Amazon.

Huge benefit: keep 100% of your royalties.

Steer clear of the greedy, impersonal "vanity presses" that charge you an arm and a leg to publish your book, then proceed to take a hefty cut of your royalties—forever.

At ChapterBuzz, you keep all your royalties, which means you could be turning a profit much sooner!

How much are royalties? If you set the price of your paperback at $15, you'll make about $5 per copy. Make about $2 for every Kindle copy sold at $2.99.

(Even though I can't guarantee any specific sales results, my intention here is to show an example of earning potential.)

Want to make the bestseller lists? Make sure you're tracking sales.

You can become a bestselling author by moving far fewer copies than you might think, so always be prepared for a burst in sales.

Your book will get its own ISBN—short for International Standard Book Number—which allows all of your sales to be tracked no matter where in the world they come from.

A barcode, placed on the back of your book, allows it to be scanned at the bookstore register.

Most bookstore managers are delighted to give shelf space to local authors—but a quality, commercial-grade product is an absolute must. And that's exactly what you'll get.

Note: This is an optional extra, but I highly recommend having an ISBN.
  • Add 2,000 ChapterBucks with our Kindle Novelist package (1 ISBN)
  • Add 5,000 ChapterBucks with our Paperback Author package or Deluxe Indie Author package (10 ISBNs and 1 barcode)

I work with you one-on-one to make sure it's just right.

I pay extraordinary attention to detail and listen carefully to you, making sure all your needs are met and that you absolutely love—and are incredibly proud of—the final product.

Your readers click "Buy"—and Amazon takes care of the rest!

Gone are the days when your entire basement is piled high with boxes of books, gathering dust while you try to figure out how to sell and ship them all.

With print-on-demand, a reader simply clicks "Buy" on your Amazon page, and a copy is automatically printed and shipped.

It's seamless and happens entirely behind the scenes—all you do is collect royalty checks!

Contribute to self-publishing's reputation.

Your stunning cover and sparkling text will ensure that your masterpiece stands out in the crowd. And you'll be helping the self-publishing industry uphold the reputation it's worked hard to achieve.

It's an investment in your future as an author.

Every book you publish becomes a permanent part of your body of work, so whether this is your first published book or your tenth, you want it done right.

This breathtaking, matte-finish print book—that you've written—will reflect very well on your reputation as an author, both in appearance and content.

This will be a real career booster no matter how long you've been at it.

A mention in Books & Buzz Magazine!

Readers of Books & Buzz Magazine love discovering new books and authors, and I'll let all of our subscribers know about your achievement.

Exclusive placement in Member-Only Reads.

Our Member-Only Reads section is where readers go to discover and read newly published books. We're saving a spot for yours!

Your book featured in our Holiday Book-Giving Guide.

As the holidays approach, I'll make sure your book gets a mention in our Holiday Book-Giving Guide, a catalog of the great books that our writers have published...sent out to all of our readers!

*I use Amazon's expanded distribution to make your book available (online) through other retailers. List of retailers is at Amazon's discretion, and is subject to change at any time.

Your book will be every bit as beautiful as these:

The covers are gorgeous, but I also want you to see inside these books.
Click on any book for its Amazon page, then click "Look Inside!" to take a peek.

Compare our publishing packages:

Kindle Novelist
(Kindle only)
Paperback Author
(Paperback + Kindle)
Deluxe Indie Author
(Paperback + Kindle + editing)
Customized book cover
Professionally designed. Never from a template

Copy editing & proofreading
For up to 80,000 words. Can be added to any package

Kindle version
Your novel will be published as an e-book in the Kindle store

Paperback version
Your novel will also be published as a beautiful paperback book

Back & spine to match cover
The back of your book is important, too! We'll make sure it meets Amazon's specs

Print-on-demand convenience
Amazon takes care of printing & shipping

Help with pricing
I'll guide you through setting the right retail price for your book

Keep 100% of royalties
I don't take a cut. Earn full royalties for life!

Easily promote your book
Instant acceptance into our Member-Only Reads section where we showcase published books

Mention in Books & Buzz Magazine
I can't wait to shout it from the rooftops! I'll mention your new book to all of our e-zine subscribers

Be our Author of the Week
You'll get 300 Bonus ChapterBucks to help you keep your new book in the spotlight

Kindle Novelist
package is surprisingly affordable!

Paperback Author
package is surprisingly affordable!

Deluxe Indie Author
package is surprisingly affordable!

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Questions? Please contact me for more information.


Earn a publishing package without spending a dime...
with the help of your Fan Club!

*Prices in USD

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