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Want to be a better writer?
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Become a master. Become a Better Writer.

No matter your skill level in writing—whether you're a complete beginner just dabbling in ideas, or an experienced novelist with five books under your belt—there's always room for improvement.

Mastery of your craft requires regular practice, a willingness to learn, and an openness to feedback. Here, you'll learn from your fellow writers, and impart your insights and knowledge to them as well.

You can test out—or "workshop"—small samples of your writing to gauge response among Club members, even ask for ideas if you're stuck. As your writing evolves, the snippets you create in the Club could soon become the very first finished chapters of your novel.

Develop a daily writing habit.

Every day, you'll be rewarded simply for doing what you love: writing. Write as often as you can, respond to writing prompts, and create writing prompts of your own. You'll quickly increase your Fame Score, which helps you to stand out on ChapterBuzz, and helps new readers find you.

You'll get 50 Fame Points just for joining the Club, and the more you participate, the more Fame you'll get! It's a motivating way to develop a daily writing habit.

Write your novel with confidence.

Confidence is the key to success in anything, and writing is no different. Here, you're among writers of all skill levels—in a friendly, no-pressure environment that will quickly become your new comfort zone.

If you've ever felt anxious about sharing your writing, worry no more! Once you dive in and start responding to writing prompts and sharing them with the group, you'll actually feel excited to showcase your work and start writing your novel, knowing that your work is already being enjoyed by fellow writers.

Here's why you can't miss out on this:

E-mails that motivate

Motivation from your inbox! You'll get regular e-mails in your inbox to keep you going with your writing.

Writing prompts

Say goodbye to writer's block. Writing prompts will get your creative juices (and your words) flowing.

Get feedback & develop your talent

Other writers can tell you what they love, and what could be improved. You'll learn from other Club members, and share your own knowledge.

Be our featured writer

As you collect Fame Points, you'll have more opportunities to be a featured Club member. This gives you more exposure and helps you build your readership!

Double your Fame Points

On Double Fame Fridays, all of your week's hard work is rewarded with twice the Fame Points. And get 50 Fame Points just for joining!

Post your word count.

Show off your progress, stay motivated, and stay on track by posting your weekly word count to your author profile page.

And the biggest benefit of all...
That feeling of accomplishment each and every week!


I'm nervous that people won't like my writing. Will I fit in here?

Yes, in fact, you're one of the main reasons I designed this site!

ChapterBuzz is where you can become a better writer, meet other authors, get more exposure for your writing, and even win an award for a job well done.

How do you become a better writer? You receive feedback on your writing, which easy to do here. We're talking about friendly feedback, and constructive criticism, by the way. That's the key to getting better and gaining confidence: constant practice and continual fine-tuning based on reader input.

One thing's for certain: you won't succeed unless you try, and literary success is all about taking risks, stretching your comfort zone, and growing as a writer. Just wait till you start building Fame Points, HyperBuzzing, and climbing the charts—what a rush! You'll love it here. We're all seriously having a blast. We all started out a little nervous, but most of all, excited. Come on in, the water's fine.

I don't feel "qualified" to give feedback. Can I still provide it?

Most definitely! Everyone's input matters equally, just in different ways. While experienced writers can provide specific suggestions to help with wording, pacing, plot elements, and more, non-writers are very much encouraged to give their candid opinions on what they read. After all, an author's fan base will likely be made up mostly of non-writers.

Did something not make sense to you? Chances are it wouldn't make sense to other people either, and pointing that out gives the writer a chance to clarify. Maybe you noticed a discrepancy, thought a certain section dragged a little, or spotted a typo. You can make the writer aware of this by adding your feedback.

Bottom line: even the most non-technical input can help immensely, and as a community, we're all about helping our writers produce the best finished products possible.

Is membership in the Better Writers Club free?

The first step is to join ChapterBuzz, which is absolutely free, and gives you access to all the basic features of the site. If you also wish to join us in the Better Writers Club, you'll get a 14-day free trial, after which you'll be invited to continue for just $9.95/month. A tiny investment in a bright future!

Do I need a credit card for the 14-day free trial?

Nope! No payment info necessary, so give it a shot. If you love it, I'd be thrilled to have you stay on. If not, you are free to leave anytime.

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