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from Taking Power by Dacia M Arnold

Copyright © 2019–2021 Dacia M Arnold

Chapter 1

Valerie Russell took four long strides towards her new captor and punched him square in the jaw. Needle like pain erupted in her hand and shot through to her elbow. The impact, no doubt, broke more than one bone. Tears blurred her vision. Rage boiled in her chest releasing a battle cry of pain, frustration, and targeted hate. She pulled back again and took another swing. This time Tony blocked her arm and maneuvered to hug her into him. Valerie screamed and thrashed against his arms, fighting with every ounce of strength she had. She could feel her red burning anger absorb into his body. His energy pulsed with resistance and melted into hers, not making him stronger, but making them equal.

“I don’t want to fight you, Valerie. I just want to help, if you’ll let me,” he said against her struggle.

She relaxed hoping he’d recognize a resolve and release her. His grip loosen but remained. Energy shifted from resistance to affection.

Not love, she thought. Just an evil genetic disposition. Another lie. I am so tired of being manipulated like this. By this.

Her rage quieted and she inhaled. She smelled the fuel of the plane wreckage, the faint smoke of burning forest, and a hint of the musk from the man embracing her. She could stop being manipulated by the inseverable connection of the DiaZem attraction. She could turn this table. The electrical connections of his skin on hers allowed her to read his energy. She’d been alone with her own frequencies to know how fear felt; how annoyance felt; how love felt. This was not like mind reading, but Valerie had a good feeling she could read his intentions in the subtle vibration of his energy. Tony’s embrace remained, but there was a apprehension to her invasive inventory of power. Just like tapping the surveillance systems of the Facility, she followed and measured the frequency of his being. Nearly a similar confusing mix of her own emotions: sadness, longing, the familiar tug of attraction, and strong resolve of purpose. Then loss. But the loss wasn’t his. It was hers. Her loss. Her babies were stolen, which was why she stood in the middle of the woods, somewhere in Illinois amongst a plane wreckage that was to deliver her to Washington D.C..

“I can’t trust anyone,” she whispered into his chest. His thin shirt muffled her words. “Especially you.” She pounded a weak fist on his chest and felt his reflexive muscle tighten. Tony’s body answered hers in the familiar way August’s had done. The magnetic gimmick was lost on her, though she could tell by his pulse, the experience was new to him.

Two hands on her cheeks, Tony guided her gaze to meet his. “I would let you walk away if I knew it wouldn’t kill me.”

“If you stick around too long, that’s exactly what will happen.” With all of her resolve she broke his warm, reassuring embrace. It hurt just to walk away from his negative magnetic charge, but not in the same way as leaving August behind. Their relationship was a mere fifteen minutes long and Valerie knew it wouldn’t destroy her if she were to leave him standing in the woods and never look back. If losing her children taught her any lesson it was that her mind was much stronger than her body.

“Here,” Tony said handing her a gene-muting wrist band. He slid one on and sighed.

Considering her plan to use her ability to her advantage, she hesitated, but if he was not the one to shoot her plane out of the air, her energy left her exposed and easily found by her true assailant. The copper band was still warm fro...

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