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Science Fiction
Taking Power: Book Five of the DiaZem Series
by Dacia M Arnold

THE FINAL BOOK!!!! "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

Valerie punched Tony square in the jaw. Tears blurred her vision and she took another swing. Needles in her hand lasted a split second and she pulled back again. This time he hugged her into him.

“I’m not against you, Valerie. Trust me.”


Chapter 2


With Valerie and Captain Hutnik walking behind Tony, the group led them through the woods to a highway where a caravan of vehicles lined the shoulder. Feeling relatively safe, she took in the sounds as they walked. Twigs snapped underfoot and branches ...

Chapter 3

Tony drove at an agreeable speed. They rode with the windows down the radio played music from the late 80s and Valerie’s body relaxed into the back seat. She kept the visor of her ball cap over her eyes so Tony could not steal glimpses of her. Also so she woul...

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