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The Hunt for Bheanoira: Jude's Journey
by Dacia M Arnold

On a quest to redeem centuries of family shame, Jude reaches the last leg of his quest to defeat the monster Bheanoira.

Chapter 1

Jude lowered the map to study the horizon. A warm breeze blew his black sweat dampened hair into his face. From the top of the hill he saw a small town in the distance, given away by the specks of light burning bright against the dimming eastern sky. Beyond the town...

Chapter 2

Sir Gregory’s journal was as outdated as Jude’s family’s welcome in Rijk. Luch’s hooves clop-clopped with each step on the stoned road into the town. Gold lanterns hung at intervals on high golden poles lining the streets. The market was abuz...

Chapter 3

“Now, back to Sir Gregory. Did your pa tell you the stories as a child?”

“I read them, Lord..?”

“Bearb√≥ir, but I often just go by Bear.”

The old man’s name translated to barber in the old language. What l...

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