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Whoa! 10,000 words in a week? I'm ready to try! New words will start near the end of my draft. I write fantasy/scifi and herstorical fiction. This is my first attempt at a novel. Writing from upstate New York, USA.

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Aradia's Diaspora: Book One
by Susan Woerner

What if you found yourself in a different world? One in which your ancestor was attempting to enslave the inhabitants of that world? Would you kill her and risk your own annihilation? Or would you join forces, creating a legacy of power? This is the dilemma that faces Betty. And this is the story of what she risked to try to save the women who became her sisters, in the land that she came to call home. In her journey, she'll meet shape-shifters, bovine priestesses, monsters, and come face-to-face with her great-great-grandmother in a great battle that may decide the fate of all. "Sounds interesting!"

Scene 1

I looked at the photos one by one, taking in details, arranging and rearranging them, shuffling and stacking different ones, as if I were giving myself a tarot reading that I didn’t like the answers to. One photo in particular stood out because I saw new detai...

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