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Susan writes most of her fiction in the speculative and historical genres. She's written flash fiction, short stories and is now working on a novel. Most of her work centers on the regional area of upstate NY and northern PA where she currently lives.

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Susan Woerner     (Tier II Rising Star Author )

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Historical Fiction
by Susan Woerner

In the mid-1800's, a group of Pennsylvania coal miners were convicted and executed for crimes they may not have committed. They were known as the Molly Maguires. This story, though, is about the women who knew and loved them and swore to avenge their wrongful deaths. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

Mary Clare McAllister lay Black-Eyed Susans on her husband’s grave. Today was shimmering – a bit of a surprise for October. She could smell windfall apples in the air and thought how she and Danny had gathered them last fall. She had taken a bag of them to Bridie who made an apple pie for her and Dannie. Bridie always seemed to have a bit of lard, flour, and a sugar lump and when you combine those rare items with apples you came out with pie. A perfect apple pie, so good Mary remembered watch...

Aradia's Diaspora: Book One
by Susan Woerner

What if you found yourself in a different world? One in which your ancestor was attempting to enslave the inhabitants of that world? Would you kill her and risk your own annihilation? Or would you join forces, creating a legacy of power? This is the dilemma that faces Betty. And this is the story of what she risked to try to save the women who became her sisters, in the land that she came to call home. In her journey, she'll meet shape-shifters, bovine priestesses, monsters, and come face-to-face with her great-great-grandmother in a great battle that may decide the fate of all. "Sounds interesting!"

Author's Note - 2023

Aradia’s Diaspora - Author's Note - 2023

I’m reactivating Aradia’s Diaspora because I want to work on it... eventually. I began it in 2018 through ChapterBuzz.


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