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About me

A moment of firsts: first time to write a novel; first draft of a fantasy novel; and first time to share a first draft in public! I consider myself a writer of fantasy and perhaps sci-fi in the future. This is my soul's mission - to write!

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Aradia's Diaspora: First Draft
by Susan Woerner

In a closer-than-you-think alternate reality, our protagonist finds herself pleading with other women to stay clear of fanatical witch burners. On their journey to another home, they encounter slavers, mythical monsters, talking Aurochs, ghost queens, and other incredible beings. Can they make it to their new home before they are called heretics and meet a fate of other wisewomen?

Scene 1

I looked at the photos one by one, taking in details, arranging and rearranging them, shuffling and stacking different ones, as if I were giving myself a tarot reading that I didn’t like the answers to. One photo in particular stood out because I saw new detai...


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