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Marcus M. McGrew (MMM) is this week's Author of the Week!

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About me

Aspiring Author, Father and Active Duty Army NCO. I'm excited about this venture and look forward to everyone who takes this journey with me!

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Marcus M. McGrew (MMM) (Tier II Newcomer Author )


You did this to yourself: America's plight
by Marcus M. McGrew

In this particular genre we take a deep dive into America's good, bad and ugly bits. No holds barred eye opening look at where we have evolved as a United States.

The forgotten 13

So yesterday I took a gander at Executive Order 13603 and my brain would not shut off. The next few minutes I'd like to try and paint a picture for you all and where I think we're headed but before I do that I'd like to set the tone by posting the following:


Moments of mental randomness: My scrambled brain
by Marcus M. McGrew

As random thoughts enter my mind I can either dismiss them or roll with the punches so I decided to roll with them and you're more than welcome to follow me on this journey!

Well damn

How does one determine when is the right time to make personal adjustments to their lifestyle, leadership and servitude? This may be the very question that enters your head from time to time. To me, I believe that there are certain instances and trials that a person goes through...

Health and Whatnot
by Marcus M. McGrew

This is my rendition of a healthy lifestyle guide as told from my own honest opinion and thoughts. Please enjoy and strap yourself in for some interesting theories and ideas.

You're nuts

So today a question was posed to me and below is how that went. Friend: So, Marcus, what do I need to do in order to get back in shape? Me: That’s a question that I’ve always asked myself. And after years of thinking about that very thing, I don’t think there’s a true answer …

Autobiographical Fiction
Boy Soldier: Warlord
by Marcus M. McGrew

Growing up he always heard stories of how great men fought to protect this country and that, one day, he would have the honor to do the same. This book twists and turns and leads you through catacombs of America's war within the mind of a peculiar little boy that grows to become "something else." Hold on to the edge of your seat as you sojourn through this sure to be hit seller written by the Scruffy Nerf Herder.


The energy that brings life to this book comes from a present day Soldier fighting America's war on terror. For many years, growing up as a small kid in Alabama, he always fantasized about becoming a warrior. Fast forward to present day and he has been numerous comb...


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