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Autobiographical Fiction
Boy Soldier: Warlord
by Marcus M. McGrew

Growing up he always heard stories of how great men fought to protect this country and that, one day, he would have the honor to do the same. This book twists and turns and leads you through catacombs of America's war within the mind of a peculiar little boy that grows to become "something else." Hold on to the edge of your seat as you sojourn through this sure to be hit seller written by the Scruffy Nerf Herder. "Sounds interesting!"


The energy that brings life to this book comes from a present day Soldier fighting America's war on terror. For many years, growing up as a small kid in Alabama, he always fantasized about becoming a warrior. Fast forward to present day and he has been numerous combat environments with outcomes that have created a very different reality than how most might see it. Imagine being an eight year old kid that grew up to the slogan "Be all that you can be, in the Army" and imagine the wonder or excitement, pos...

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“Well isn’t this a damn sight to see?” Said Drill Sergeant Rice. He was the Senior instructor at Fort Benning’s Infantry Basic Training Brigade and towered over the frightened, soon to be, Soldiers that hopped off of the same bus as Walter. “Today we’re gonna teach you maggots and shit-stains basic drill and ceremony which means we will teach you how to march not walk, stand at parade rest, not mope around, and we will also train you to do the most important thing an I...

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This chapter contains no content.

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