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from It Is Over by Marcus M. McGrew (MMM)

Copyright © 2019–2021 Marcus M. McGrew (MMM)

Too few know

Do you know who you are? There are nine planets to the Universe you

just happen to have nine holes in your body do you

think that’s an accident? That’s because you are the

Universe, you are nature. You got twenty-six thousand

billion cells in your body, sixty-two thousand miles of

blood vessels in your body that blood makes a complete

cycle every thirty seconds which means your blood

travels 104,000 miles a minute. You know how strong

you are? Do you know who you are? I hope you youngsters

understand nature. Let me show you how strong nature

is; those of you in here this evening that understand

Chinese raise your hands would you please. One-two-

three- four- five-six-seven-eight. In this huge audience

only eight folks understand Chinese. I said that to

prove to you how strong nature is, you all aware that

right this moment in China dogs in China do understand

Chinese and never been to college. Dogs in Russia under-

stand Russian. Dogs in Germany understand German. Do you?

I say that to say that to - nature you born with all the

wisdom you need to get human dignity to fight your way out

of one of these tricks and get to your dinner. Don’t no-

body have to teach you that.


So you youngsters got a big job. I hope you

know how strong you are. As you youngsters work to

change this system I hope you dedicate a lot of your

energy and a lot of your efforts to those educational

institutions. I hope you ...

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