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from Moments of mental randomness by Marcus M. McGrew

Copyright © 2019–2021 Marcus Montell McGrew

Well damn

How does one determine when is the right time to make personal adjustments to their lifestyle, leadership and servitude? This may be the very question that enters your head from time to time. To me, I believe that there are certain instances and trials that a person goes through that determine when and if they gain the experience to provide them with the fork in the road to address these situations. 


 I, myself, have always thought that I would be told who, what, when, where and why until I reached certain era in my life which persuaded me to see that I controlled what happened to me as much as why it happened. I think it only fair to one what is fair to all in any instance good or bad right or wrong that they are the reason for changes in their lives. 


 We go through life's obstacles always thinking that we have to hurdle and keep running until the race is over. Well, what if one took the time to slow down and actually realize that hurdling isn't necessary? What if just walking around the obstacle worked just as good? These are things that I think about as and individual and junior leader in military audiences and instances.


 We have so much that the United States Army has given us as far as examples to live by and standards that are set that you would think that it would all just fall into place. What we fail to realize is that Leaders...

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