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You, me and the Bubblegum Tree
by Tiffany S. Doran

Join me as we meet a curious little boy whom has been given a task by his mother to use his imagination. Follow him on his magnificent travels as he goes in search within the brinks of his imagination to colorful lands in search of his very own bubblegum tree. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

I was sitting outside with my mom one day and she told me to think of a land far away. So I moved closer to her and closed my eyes real tight, I thought and I thought, with all my might. I saw a bright sunny day filled with birds in flight, the breeze blowing trees and the sand so white. A shack by the shore selling knick-knacks in three's and beside that sat a bubblegum tree. I opened my eyes and told her what I'd seen, how the breeze smelled salty but the sand was clean, about the shack by the shore se...

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