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About me

Hello! My name is Tiffany. I am a wife, a mother and a hopeless romantic in love with the wondrous world of writing. I currently have two children's books completed and am finally finished with my novel, Desires of the Heart!

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by Tiffany S. Doran

When Victoria Bronx wants to purchase a brand new building on the lower end of town to fulfill her dreams of her owning her bakery, a corporate giant, Bradley Parson, moves in and threatens to tear it down in order to expand parking to his other businesses. In dealing with the arrogance of Mr. Parson, she learns the only man that can destroy her dreams is also the man she can’t live without.

Chapter 1

The alarm rang loudly against the silence of the dark room. Groaning, Victoria Bronx rolled over and laid her hand hard against the off button. She longs for her snooze button but it no longer works. She rolled onto her back and pulled the covers over her head. Vict...

The Kitten and the Cactus Catastrophe
by Tiffany S. Doran

An ordinary day of lying around the house and being lazy, soon turns into a prickly experience when a curious grey tabby kitten named Memphis gets into mischief and finds that the cactus in the windowsill isn't what she bargained for.


It was early morning and the sun was shining through the window. Awoken by a stream of light, Memphis stretched and yawned like only a curious little grey tabby kitten can do. She rolled on her back and then over again. She batted around her favorite stocking for a...

You, Me and the Bubblegum Tree
by Tiffany S. Doran

Who doesn't love bubblegum and what better way to enjoy it than from a tree. Learn how to rhyme while learning to use your imagination all at the same time. Come explore all the places you yourself can find...a bubblegum tree.


I was sitting outside with my mom one day and she told me to think of a land far away. So I moved closer to her and closed my eyes real tight, I thought and I thought, with all my might. I saw a bright sunny day filled with birds in flight, the breeze blowing trees ...

Desires of the Heart
by Tiffany Doran

It had been almost five years since Katie had seen him last. After a fire almost destroyed her daddy's farm, Matthew Fuller destroyed her heart. But a newly hired farm hand by the name of William "Buck" Brady, had plans of fixing everything that was in the path of destruction...including Katie.

Chapter One
Love or Lust

She threw herself across the bed and placed her soft face in her hands and her long curly auburn hair fell to the sides. She then rolled to her side. Perplexed, she let out a frustrated sigh. "Do I love him or don’t I?" she said, feeling puzzled. She...


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