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by Tiffany S. Doran

When Victoria Bronx wants to purchase a brand new building on the lower end of town to fulfill her dreams of her owning her bakery, a corporate giant, Bradley Parson, moves in and threatens to tear it down in order to expand parking to his other businesses. In dealing with the arrogance of Mr. Parson, she learns the only man that can destroy her dreams is also the man she can’t live without.

Chapter 1

The alarm rang loudly against the silence of the dark room. Groaning, Victoria Bronx rolled over and laid her hand hard against the off button. She longs for her snooze button but it no longer works. She rolled onto her back and pulled the covers over her head. Vict...

Chapter 2

The days went on at the bakery and Victoria couldn’t wait for the weekend. Her work days were tedious. She longs for Saturday when she has a spa appointment set up. In all actuality, it is only a mani-pedi appointment she has had to reschedule because of overt...

Chapter 3

Victoria couldn't wait to get home and take her shoes off. Her feet were tired and achy and she just wanted to curl up on the couch with her blanket, a nice hot cup of tea, and her favorite book. When they got to Victoria's apartment, they spread all of the money ou...

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