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from You, me and the Bubblegum Tree by Tiffany S. Doran

Copyright © 2018–2021 Tiffany S. Doran

Chapter 1

I was sitting outside with my mom one day and she told me to think of a land far away. So I moved closer to her and closed my eyes real tight, I thought and I thought, with all my might. I saw a bright sunny day filled with birds in flight, the breeze blowing trees and the sand so white. A shack by the shore selling knick-knacks in three's and beside that sat a bubblegum tree. I opened my eyes and told her what I'd seen, how the breeze smelled salty but the sand was clean, about the shack by the shore selling knick-knacks of three and of course I told her of the bubblegum tree. She laughed out loud and slapped her knee, “Only you would imagine a bubblegum tree.” ‘It's true!” I told her and tried to explain, it wasn't just the pink ones because they are so plain but there were colors and flavors we never have tried, that had candy and prizes and others inside. They were brilliant and golden and sweet as can be, oh why don't you believe in my bubblegum tree? She patted my head and went inside, I put my face in my hands and wanted to cry.


“I'll show her.” I thought and closed my eyes tight, I soared through the clouds with my imagination in flight. This time to a place that was covered in green with beautiful things that had never been seen. There were nillywacks and wubbels and things of the sort, there were tall things and small things and some of them snort. There was a little old man who sat in the field, who stacked bricks upon bricks not sure of what to build. He was tall and he was thin, and old as can be and I asked him kindly "Have you seen a bubblegum tree?" His smile grew wide and he pointed to the west "Try there my child, your luck may be best." I ran...

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