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Fan Fiction
Two Harts are Better than One: The Rest of the Story
by Elizabeth M. Bradshaw

Hart to Hart season 5 opener is a fan favorite. What happens after the proposal to bring the fans back to the pilot?

Chapter 1

Married. Jennifer’s head was spinning with the amazing turn of events. She had been headed from London to New York, trying to figure out what on earth had made Jonathan Hart turn on her so fast, when she was once more detained by a detective. And now she was r...

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Jonathan caught Jennifer’s eyes as he hung up the phone. “Well. That went well…”

She walked over to him and hugged him as she started to apologize to him, “I am so sorry. I don’t know what’s gotten ...

Chapter 3

Jennifer slowly opened her eyes, trying to remember where she was… Her head didn’t feel like she had been drinking, but nothing looked familiar, and in her exhaustion, her memory was sketchy at best. As she tried to move, she became aware of the arm draped a...

Chapter 4

Even though she knew to what he was referring, Jennifer turned and looked out the door, following her father’s gaze. Then she smiled as she pulled him into a hug. “We are all exhausted."

She pulled him away from the door and turned to shut it for ...

Chapter 5

It was late when they headed back to the farm, but neither of them was eager to go. Neither wanted the evening to end. It had been a perfect day. Jonathan, eased the Jag on to highway 295, building up to the speed limit. Traffic was nearly nonexistent because of the...

Chapter 6

Dinner with her parents had gone amazingly smooth. Stephen and Suzanne were gracious hosts, and Walter, a fantastic cook. And sitting around playing cards with them after was a great insight to the family for Jonathan. Especially when Suzanne had a little too much c...

Chapter 7

The next morning came early. Earlier than it should have. He opened his eyes to find it was still dark. Why wasn’t the sun up yet? Why did that damn phone keep ringing? Jonathan heard Max answer from the kitchen, then make his way to Jonathan’s room and ...

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