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from Two Harts are Better than One by Elizabeth M. Bradshaw

Copyright © 2016–2021 Elizabeth Bradshaw

Chapter 1

Married. Jennifer’s head was spinning with the amazing turn of events. She had been headed from London to New York, trying to figure out what on earth had made Jonathan Hart turn on her so fast when she found herself detained by a detective for the second time. Before Jennifer could object, they were riding a horse-drawn carriage through the streets of London. The fact she was now engaged to the very man who had her arrested made her head spin. The last 48 hours had been an unbelievable roller coaster ride of emotions.

First this Jonathan Hart wouldn’t even give her the time of day to do her story on him, then they enjoyed a magical evening of dinner and dancing which lead, albeit indirectly, to him thinking she was a murder. Jennifer tumbled from a kidnapped victim, held at gunpoint, and finally rescued by her knight in shining armor (played by Jonathan Hart), who turned on her again and had her arrested — well, taken in for questioning. But still.

Standing in line to board her plane, yet another detective hauled her in for more questions, or so she was lead to believe. Instead of Scottland Yard, he delivered her back to Jonathan and a marriage proposal. And when he had an answer for every one of her lame objections in a halfhearted effort to dissuade him, she heard herself accepting! A marriage proposal!

Jonathan’s “Once around the park” comment to Max had been instructions to take them through London back to the Ritz via horse and carriage. Snuggled in his arms in the back of the carriage, she vaguely wondered what effort went into creating the experience. This man could make things happen, and she was impressed. Turning to look at him, Jennifer was struck, once again, with how very handsome he was. Boyish good looks and charm, dark, thick hair and bright, blue eyes, and when he grinned at her, Lord have mercy… he made her knees weak, and her stomach flip.

His eyes met hers. Every time they connected, Jonathan felt time stop. Jennifer Edwards was all he could see, and there was no one else in the world. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. And it wasn’t just her physical appearance, which was breathtaking. Her auburn hair, hazel eyes, though that was up for discussion, as they seemed to change with her moods. And in the craziness of the last 48 hours, he had witnessed several changes! No, this woman was the whole package — looks, intelligence, class, sass, strength, and yet an incredibly sexy vulnerability. Letting her get away from him would have been the biggest mistake of his lifetime. In only 48 hours, he ...

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