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John writes original science fiction and fantasy. He's been writing and publishing for over twenty years, most often for the tabletop game industry, but is just starting to produce original fiction of his own.

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John Alleyn     (Tier V Rising Star Author )


The Curse of Steel
by John Alleyn

In one fateful day, Kráva comes into possession of a sword of legendary power, and is claimed by the gods as a hero. She soon learns that there are problems she can't just cut her way through. Not to mention that the lives of the gods' favored are often exciting, glorious, and very short ... "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

Deep in the night, Kráva sensed a presence. She snapped awake, one hand already gripping the knife beside her on the pallet. Then a familiar shape and scent put her at ease for a moment.

“What is it, father?” she murmured.

Derga grunted. “Some trouble outside. Arm yourself, and come.”

He withdrew. Now Kráva could hear voices and movement, from elsewhere in the hall. The Wolf-clan and their guests were beginning to stir. Men and women rose from sleep, seized the...

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