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Historical Fiction
The Butterfly Necklace: A Magical Time Travel Story
by A. C Paradiso

Allie inherits a butterfly necklace from her grandma and magically travels back in time to when her grandma was a teenager in the 1950s. Allie and her best friend Holden must figure out how they traveled and what their purpose is before they change the past forever. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1 - The Pink Lace Shoes

If you had told me last year, that a box of my grandma’s old belongings would change my life forever. I wouldn’t believe you. I would tell you that nothing extraordinary happens here in my hometown of West Linn, Oregon. Now everything has changed an...

Chapter 2 The Box

It had been almost a year since my grandma had passed. The club was doing better than ever. I still had the necklace. I started wearing it ever since she gave it to me. We had slowly started getting rid of her belongings. One day Holden and I were helping my grandpa...

Chapter 3 The Necklace

We both stammered about as we regained out footing. We seemed to still be in our high school, but it looked different. It was cleaner and smaller. 

“What did you do?” I said woozy

“Me? I don’t know? One minute we were about t...

Chapter 4 Getting Our Story Straight
more to come for this chapter

“Alright what’s the plan here?” I asked setting down my backpack 

Holden was silent for a moment as he took everything in. I started to look around the apartment. There was a small bathroom and a tiny bedroom with one bed. The apartment ...

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