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from The Butterfly Necklace by A. C Paradiso

Copyright © 2015–2021 Alessandra Sisca

Chapter 1 - The Pink Lace Shoes

If you had told me last year, that a box of my grandma’s old belongings would change my life forever. I wouldn’t believe you. I would tell you that nothing extraordinary happens here in my hometown of West Linn, Oregon. Now everything has changed and this is my story of how it all happened.

  Last year (2015) in mid-May my best friend Holden James Finch asked me to our junior prom. Neither of us had dates, nor were we ever the type for the perfect prom experience. I had just broken up with my boyfriend Connor about 5 weeks before and Holden broke up with his girlfriend Jenna around the same time. The only reason we wanted to go was because the theme was the 1950's. We both love anything 1950s.  

 “Hey Allie!” Holden said as he ran up to me in the hallway of our big high school.

  “Hey HJ!” I said with a smile.

  “You know prom is in a few weeks and since neither one of us has a date want to go as just friends?” Holden said as we walked up the stairs to English class.

  “Prom is just four weeks away. I was just going to be boring that night and do homework. I’d love to, since everyone thinks we’re together anyway.” I said.

  Holden chuckled and said “Right we’re not. Since it's Friday, do you want to go prom shopping after school?”

“Yes! Let’s go completely vintage and go to a real vintage shop.” I said as we entered class.

  “Sounds fun! I will drive,” Holden said.

  Class went by slowly that day. The only interesting thing that happened was this ditsy girl that likes Holden goes “Hey Holden you have the same name as the guy in the book we are reading in class.”

  Holden and I looked at each other and laughed a little.

  “Yes Kayla, I know I was named after Holden from Catcher and the Rye. Holden said.

  Our teacher looked over at our group “Are you really?”

  “Yes Mr. Jones, it’s one of my mom’s favorite books. So she named me after him.”

  “Wow, I always thought it was just a family name. Atticus your brother is named after To Kill a Mockingbird right?” Mr. Jones said 

“Yes” Holden said uncomfortably 

  “Alright let’s get back to class everyone. Are we ready to go over the questions?” Mr. Jones said after a moment of awkward silence 

  After that the day went by pretty fast. Holden had given me a ride to school as he usually does, so I just called my mom about prom and to say that we would be stopping by to get my purse. She was thrilled since she hoped that Holden and I would end up together.

  Once we arrived we walked in to find both our moms sitting at the table drinking tea. Our moms have been friends since high school.

  “You guys want a snack or something before you go? My mom said.

  “No we’re okay. I want to get there before all the traffic starts” I said

I ran upstairs and set my grandpa's old leather backpack down on my floor, taking out my wallet and putting it in my purse. I ran back to the kitchen to find Holden eating.

  “Really?” I said.

  “What I’m hungry!” He said with a mouth full.

  I chuckled and took the snack from his hand and put it in my mouth. Holden thought nothing of it. I’m always doing that.

  “Let’s go, cause Forever Vintage closes at six.” I said heading for the door.

  “Right we should” He looked at his phone “It’s already 3:45.”                       My mom then handed my two $50 dollar bills and said “Please don't spend too much. You’re dad won't be too happy if you spend more than $100.”

I smiled and took the money “I won’t mom”

Holden’s mom then gave him the same and said something similar I couldn’t really hear was already heading towards the door. 

“Bye Moms!” I said asI left and Holden followed after only before grabbing the rest of his snack from his p...

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