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The Dead of Knight
by Viktor Slater

The death of a wealthy British diplomat on the London Eye, a body discovered at Buckingham Palace, and a terrorist shooting in central London lead to the dark secrets of a family. Secrets that must be solved to save an innocent girl's life. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

Young Kelly Jones looked longingly at the playground. It wasn’t far away, but it might as well be a million miles away. Instead, she was stuck in the boring queue with Mum and Dad. It was her first-time visiting London, visiting England even, and they seemed to have been standing in queues all day.

There was a queue for the underground train. When they finally got on, it was hot and horribly claustrophobic in the summer heat. Then they’d had to queue for the Natural History...

Chapter 2

Lizzy Brown was in the Palace, again. The home of the Queen, again.

She was bored.

She’d been to work with her dad before and it was always boring. Today was worse. Today, there was a ceremony. The Prince of Wales would be there. And so would Dad.

But Lizzy wouldn’t be.

She would be stuck at Dad’s desk, told to keep quiet and not to bother anyone.

The first day of the summer holidays and she was stuck in some back room at Buckingham Palace. What a right pa...

Chapter 3

Little Cressida Ellis sat in a circle of well-groomed children. A mile to the west of the Palace, on the southern edge of Belgravia, the school day was finishing at the Montgomery Nursery School.

Cressida and her friends wore a wide selection of the Ralph Lauren children’s range, with a smattering of Gucci and Stella McCartney.

“- bā, jiǔ, shí.” Cressida said, along with all the other children.

“Well done, everyone” said their teacher, Karen. “Now,...

Chapter 4

Detective Sergeant Kirstin Toogood tapped her slender fingers on the steering wheel. Traffic lights were red. She could have walked. She should have walked. She was only going next door after all. However, a superior officer told to go by car. Now, with roadworks on Victoria Street forcing a diversion, she’d wasted time crawling round the snarled up one-way system of Parliament Square. Getting stopped at every sodding light.

She stewed over the reason for her trip. It was not ple...

Chapter 5

Dawn the next morning was brushed with glorious colours. The summer Sun climbed into a cloudless sky and birds sang from the trees. Each song note seemed echoed by a new hue in the brightening sky.

The trouble was, it being Summer, dawn was four-thirty in the morning. And Detective Sergeant Markus Inglefield had bloody well been awake to see it all.

His mobile phone had gone off an hour earlier, shattering a deep sleep. The un-asked for wakeup call informed him there was a fire at a warehouse...

Chapter 6

Operation Eyeglass, as Commander Cavendish had notified the gathered team their investigation was called, was not Toogood’s first major investigation. However, the number of people crammed into the briefing room that morning dwarfed what she had experienced before.

For an hour Commander Cavendish had been detailing the events of the previous two days, and the current state of knowledge acquired since the kidnapping of James Fitzwilliam on the way to his work at the Ministry of Defence.


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