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  from The Boy Who Could Be A Hero by Evelyn Frederick Moll

Chapter 1

Chapter 1


         Josh Sparkins stretched as he sat on the edge of his bed. Getting back into a morning routine on the first day of his sophomore year proved harder than he thought it would be. A backpack, notebooks, pens and assorted folders covered the top of his Gramps’ antique desk, along with a new IPad. He was grateful his parents finally realized he needed to get into the electronic age.

         As Josh was filling his backpack with his school items, he ran his hand across the desk thinking of his Gramps who passed away the previous year.

         “Ouch,” Josh said as he held up is finger and saw a tiny sliver. He continued to inspect his finger as he headed downstairs to his parents bathroom to find tweezers. As Josh walked through his parents’ bedroom to get to their bathroom, he noticed a painting hanging near the bed.   

         Josh inspected the picture, mesmerized by the scene in front of him. He was looking into a painting of an open window with a view of a beach. Waves gently lapped the empty, endless sand. Sailboats floated in the distance. Patches of blue peeked through the vibrant yellows and oranges in the early morning sky. As he stared, he felt the rhythm of the sea. The sea grass began to rustle in the breeze. The warm air breathed against his face. A flag on one of the boats turned black. The boat changed shape as he squinted to make out the new menacing configuration.


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