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ABOUT ME Evelyn Frederick Moll lives in Arizona with her husband In the first volume of the Ancient Magic Series, Josh Sparkins, along with his two best friends, Albert and Marty, have an adventure involving Josh's new found ability to stop time.

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Evelyn Frederick Moll (Tier IV Newcomer Author )


The Boy Who Could Be A Hero: The Ancient Magic Book Series, Vol 3
by Evelyn Frederick Moll

The boy who could be a hero...Josh Sparkins...discovers a portal in time. Lured through the portal by a beautiful voice, he finds himself with people who will be sailing with Christopher Columbus. These people need a hero to help them escape from pirates, and sail a mean, unforgiving sea.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1


         Josh Sparkins stretched as he sat on the edge of his bed. Getting back into a morning routine on the first day of his sophomore year proved harder than he thought it would be.&nb...


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