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  from PayBack by Jaye Marie


The South of England 1999


An eerie silence greeted eleven- year- old Billy McKenzie when reached the front gate of his house that afternoon. Most days he would hear his grandmother shouting or laying down the law at his little brother Tommy.

The closed weather-beaten front door struck him as odd. Gran hated opening the door to him. He walked along the path, avoiding all the broken tiles.

Something must have happened while he attended school and he didn't feel like risking Gran's temper. The bruises on his arm still hurt from forgetting to put his shoes away yesterday. Gran could do more with her podgy fingers than some men could with their fists.


Billy sat down on the doorstep, wondering what his brother had done this time. Being only five years old, Tommy hadn't yet learned about all the things you just didn't do if you wanted ...

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