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Cindy Davis is the author of 28 mysteries and romantic suspense novels, and several non-fiction books. She’s a 24-year veteran free-lance editor, and a transplant to Florida where she can be outdoors twelve months of the year.

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Cindy Davis     (Tier V Newcomer Author )

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Chick Lit
Last of the Big Time Spenders
by Cindy Davis

The entire Moore clan is celebrating Thanksgiving at Old Man Thompson’s barn. Though Joy’s not blood-related, they insist she be a part, which makes sense since, months ago, she uncovered the murderer of patriarch Merrick Moore. The walls vibrate with the beat from the popular band Loco-Motion. Suddenly, the lead singer lights up like a roman candle on New Years Eve. Nona Williamson has been electrocuted and things are looking bad for the family. After all, except for Joy and the band members, the only attendees are blood-related. This puts a huge kink in the investigation. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1
Only the Good Die Young

Chapter One

It’s nearly midnight. The Thanksgiving celebration has been rocking for hours. The turkey carcass sits like a vociferous wart amid the near-empty bowls of veggies and stuffing on the long row of buffet tables in Old Man Thompson’s barn. Every member of the Moore family is in attendance. I know. I hear you asking what I’m doing here as I’m not related to anyone in Uncertain, Florida let alone the Moore clan. The answer is that they wouldn’t take no for an an...

Speculative Fiction
Zipacna's Legacy ~ Jade
by Cindy Davis

An eight-year-old boy awakens Jade's shocking asset: her seer and healer’s ability. Good thing because she's just inherited a school for advanced spiritualism. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

“Older and wiser voices can help you find the right path,

if you are only willing to listen.”

~ Jimmy Buffett



Jade French stepped from the cab transfixed by the tangled mass of vines that nearly obliterated the hotel’s wide front porch. The web seemed even more overgrown than when she was here two months ago. But it sent a heady aroma—not too sweet, not too herbal—into the mid-morning air and helped erase some of the uncertainty rolli...

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