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About me

Cindy Davis is the author of 24 mysteries and romantic suspense novels, and several non-fiction books. She’s a 21-year veteran free-lance editor, and a recent transplant to Florida, where she can be outdoors twelve months of the year.

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Cindy Davis (Tier V Newcomer Author )


Speculative Fiction
Zipacna's Legacy ~ Jade
by Cindy Davis

An eight-year-old boy awakens Jade's shocking asset: her seer and healer’s ability. Good thing because she's just inherited a school for advanced spiritualism.

Chapter 1

“Older and wiser voices can help you find the right path,

if you are only willing to listen.”

~ Jimmy Buffett



Jade French stepped from the cab transfixed by the tangled mass of vines that nearly obliterated the ho...


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