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Speculative Fiction
Zipacna's Legacy ~ Jade
by Cindy Davis

An eight-year-old boy awakens Jade's shocking asset: her seer and healer’s ability. Good thing because she's just inherited a school for advanced spiritualism. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

“Older and wiser voices can help you find the right path,

if you are only willing to listen.”

~ Jimmy Buffett



Jade French stepped from the cab transfixed by the tangled mass of vines that nearly obliterated the hotel’s wide front porch. The web seemed even more overgrown than when she was here two months ago. But it sent a heady aroma—not too sweet, not too herbal—into the mid-morning air and helped erase some of the uncertainty rolli...

Chapter 2


Jade returned inside, peering several times over her shoulder, leaving the door open for two reasons: to allow the salty breeze to push out the closed-up smell, and as an invitation for the elderly man to enter—not that she’d voice those thoughts to her friend. Mari stood near the door, arms crossed and wearing a pooch-faced expression.

“The fresh air is nice, but won’t ferocious creatures take that as an invitation to visit?” she asked.


Chapter 3


The cab, driven by the same man as yesterday pulled into the yard at 8:04 a.m. Mari pecked Jade on the cheek and squeezed her arm. An image shot into her head—of Mari bundled in a thick fur coat, red hair squashed under a fuzzy Cossack-style hat. The picture came with a deep feeling of estrangement that made her stomach turn over. 

“I’ll see you soon,” Mari said, popping Jade’s bubble of emotion.

“S-sure,” was all she could push betwe...

Chapter 4


Bright sun lasered holes in Jade’s eyelids. She squinched them open and raised her head. Morning. Finally. At least the pain had subsided. What time was it? Hopefully Juan would be here soon and would take her to the hospital. 

The thirst returned with a vengeance so bad it was like her insides shriveled. This must be what a grape felt like turning into a raisin. Damn, what she wouldn’t give for a cup of coffee. And a trip to the bathroom.

Jade tilted to the side, ...

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