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from Sweet Desire by Imogen McKenzie

Copyright © 2020–2021 Imogen McKenzie

Chapter 1

It was Friday evening, and it had been a long day at work, Claire couldn’t wait to get home and crack open the bottle of wine she had brought from the shop. The stresses of the week had simply zapped poor Claire of energy, both physically and mentally. She took the lift up to the 7th floor and made her way to the luxury apartment that she shared with her friend Emma. Problem was, Emma was a party animal, and her drinking habits often caused disputes between the pair, she would arrive home late, bring back random men and keep Claire awake during the late hours. Even on weekdays, which again, didn’t go down too well. Not only was Emma an inconsiderate housemate, she was always late with her rent, often spending it on alcohol all week long. The arrears in rent that she owed was beyond a joke, but she always came up with some lame excuse about paying next week, or she was waiting for a cheque to clear and then she would pay in advance. She never did though.

Claire entered the apartment and called out to see if her lazy housemate was even home yet. “Em, you back yet?” no reply. Claire laid down her handbag in her room and moved straight to the kitchen, grabbing a tall wine glass she set herself down on the sofa. A click on the remote and the television flicked on, she quickly browsed to the Netflix channel and began to search for something to watch. “Obviously out on the piss then.” Claire thought to herself as she opened her wine and poured a glass. She flicked through the various recommendations before settling on her favorite Viking TV show. She rested her had back on the sofa and soon fell into complete comfort, it wasn’t long at all until she had dozed off barely 20 minutes into the show.

Claire had no idea now long she had been asleep, but she was woken by the sharp tug upon her wrists, her hands forced above her head and down to the edge of the lush padded sofa. “Wait, wha- what the hell?” she said groggily. Her eyes came into focus and a young brunette lady was knelt down to her left, she soon realised it was her flat mate Emma. “Hey! What’s going on?” Claire tried to move her hands but they had been tightly lashed down to the sofa. &ld...

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