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Sweet Desire
by Imogen McKenzie

Claire's flatmate is forever late with her share of the rent, but what will Emma do to avoid paying out money she doesn't have? Claire soon finds out that her flatmate has a weird infatuation with the blonde, and she is about to find out just how strange her friend really is. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

It was Friday evening, and it had been a long day at work, Claire couldn’t wait to get home and crack open the bottle of wine she had brought from the shop. The stresses of the week had simply zapped poor Claire of energy, both physically and mentally. She too...

Chapter 2

“No no no no not my feet!” Emma scribbled her fingers across the soles of Claire’s feet, circling her fingers all over her black stockings.

“Holy fuck! Ahahahaha no no haahahaha shit fuck balls hee hee hee hahaha"

“There we ...

Chapter 3

As Emma stood back she pressed her toes against the back of her sports trainer shoe, she kicked off the shoe and proceeded to do the same with the other one. Claire halted her screams in confusion, staring at her friend with puzzlement.

“W-w-what are yo...

Chapter 4

When Emma returned moments later, Claire knew that she wasn’t about to be released. The crafty brunette must have had another devilish idea. And Claire was indeed correct.

“I’m back! And look what I have.” She held aloft a very long wh...

Chapter 5

“If you won’t play fair, then I need to change the rules.” Emma smiled as she began to remove the laces from her own sports shoes.

Claire was puzzled, but also took this as a sign her ordeal was far from over.

Sure enough, Emma had take...

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