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from Sweet Desire by Imogen McKenzie

Copyright © 2020 Imogen McKenzie

Chapter 5

“If you won’t play fair, then I need to change the rules.” Emma smiled as she began to remove the laces from her own sports shoes.

Claire was puzzled, but also took this as a sign her ordeal was far from over.

Sure enough, Emma had taken the laces and was now sat cross-legged back at Claire’s feet.

The blondes mind raced faster, what was she doing? Why did she need those laces? The answer came when she felt the shoe lace being looped around both of her big toes, clamping them together in a vice like grip.

“Oh shit!” thought Claire.

Her feet were now totally immobile as she watched Emma loop the second lace in between, and then yanked her toes back to connect the lace to the binds on her ankles.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!”

Claire panicked, she couldn’t move her toes at all, her poor bare feet were open to any attack that Emma would choose.

This would be it, this would be how she died, laughing uncontrollably until her head exploded, surely this would be too much to handle.

Claire shrieked as Emma chose to use the feather on one foot, and her long dark nails on the other. This was horrendous, no escape, no mercy from her friend, it was a barrage of feather and fingers, and then sometimes the 500 miles per hour scribbles from both of Emma’s hands.

By now, Claire was an absolute mess, her long blonde hair soaked through and strewn across her face, her eye makeup had smeared all down her cheeks.

And she was babbling incoherent muffles through the sock gag, she had no idea how long she had been tickle tortured for, maybe letting her off with the rent initially would have prevented this terrible torment.

Emma reached up to remove the gag pressing into the sides of her mouth, s...

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