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from Sweet Desire by Imogen McKenzie

Copyright © 2020 Imogen McKenzie

Chapter 7

Emma’s eyes bulged when she felt the fingers probing at her socked feet, “No no no no no no no, oh my gosh, oh my goshahahha stawp eett!”

“Was it a little bit faster than this?” Claire increased the speed and wriggled her fingers profusely on Emma’s feet.

“Shiiiiiiittt nooooo aaahhhaaahaha no hee hee hahaha hahaha.”

Claire now used both hands digging her fingers in hard against the soles of her friends bound feet. “Or was it like this?”

“Oh fuckkk! Naaaawwww stawp et pleasseeeeee arrgghh hahaha.“

Emma was quickly hyper-ventilating and Claire’s kind nature meant she would allow her short 30 second intervals when her cries turned into an ultra-sound style pitch. Barely five minutes in and Emma was gasping for breath, her pleas were barely understandable whilst being tickled. She would laugh so hard that any words just came out a jumble. Emma could not tolerate more than a few seconds of intense tickling.

“Geez. You were right, you go absolutely nuts if anyone touches your feet. This is actually quite funny, I can see why you loved tickling me so much, this really is a shit ton of fun.”

“N-n-no it’s not, its fucking awful. And the worst thing is.... you are really fucking good at this, how is that even fair? It’s my fetish, not yours!” Emma blurted out.

“Why thank you, glad you think so. Must be beginners luck.” Claire chuckled.

Emma took deep breaths and was grateful for the break during their conversation.

“However, I think we have a sli...

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