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from Sweet Desire by Imogen McKenzie

Copyright © 2020 Imogen McKenzie

Part Two - Chapter 6
Revenge on the Cards

Enough was enough!

Claire couldn’t take much more of her friends rib-poking fun. She could barely walk around the flat without shoes any longer, and over the last few weeks Emma had repeatedly teased Claire about that torturous night. She even had the audacity to try and repeat the event the following weekend, had Claire not been wise to her tricks, she may have found herself at Emma’s mercy yet again.

Revenge was on the cards, Emma just didn’t know it, yet.

Emma had returned home on the Friday evening after doing a part-time shift at the local supermarket. Claire was home before her friend, and had gotten something to surprise her wild flatmate.

“Hey you, there you are.” Claire said gleefully as Emma kicked off her trainers near to the front door.

“Hey,” Emma replied suspiciously, “what’s up?”

Claire squinted before replying, “Up? Nothing is up, just wanted to let you know I have a surprise for you.” Emma huffed and put down her small rucksack next to her shoes.

“You haven’t been rearranging the cleaning rotor again have you? I told you I will not clean the toilets under and circumstances.”

“No, silly. This is something you will like, possibly even love.” Claire laughed.

“Go on then, if you must. Show me what you have.” Emma placed her hands on her hips and prepared to follow Claire who was ready to lead the way. They both made their way down the narrow hallway and into the living room, Claire was quick to show her flatmate the surprise. Emma gasped when she saw the treat Claire had prepared.

“What is all this?” Emma gasped again.

“It is for tonight, for both of us to enjoy.” Claire sat down and dipped her hand into the large bowl of popcorn upon the coffee table. “For the match later. Your favourite team is playing right?” Claire added. Also on the table were snacks and beers, more than enough to enjoy the football on TV later that night.

“Umm, yeah. But you don’t like football.” Emma frowned.

“Well you tell me who we are cheering for and I’ll happily watch it with you.”

Emma was almost blushing, “I dunno what to say, this is like, really nice of you.”

“Well get your ass showered and come sit with me, kick off is seven forty-five isn’t it?” Emma was shocked, “Yeah, how did you- hang on.... what are you after?”

“Come on, you have always said I should take an interest in football. You know, all those fit men playing and stuff.” Claire smiled.

“Okay, if you insist. I’ll go grab a shower then.” Emma turned on her heel and made for the bathroom. Claire smiled until her friend was out of sight, then her smile turned devious and she narrowed her eyes.

“Oh this will be one match you wont forget in a hurry. I guarantee that.”

When Emma had returned she wore her casual tracksuit bottoms with long white football socks, and she was wearing the replica shirt of her team, which was also pure white. Claire thrust a bottle of ice cold beer into her friends hand as they settled down to enjoy the match. Full time approached and Emma’s team had romped to a 4-0 victory.

Claire had made sure Emma had a drink in her hand for the entire game and even mixed things up with the occasional shot of vodka.

Emma ...

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