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from Sweet Desire by Imogen McKenzie

Copyright © 2020 Imogen McKenzie

Chapter 4

When Emma returned moments later, Claire knew that she wasn’t about to be released. The crafty brunette must have had another devilish idea. And Claire was indeed correct.

“I’m back! And look what I have.” She held aloft a very long white feather quill pen, its huge soft plumage was a thing of beauty.

“You brought me this when we were at Uni together, I bloody love this thing, yet have never ever used it other than to write with. Not until now, anyway.” Emma cocked a raised eyebrow and twirled the feather between her fingers.

Claire attempted more muffled cries but it was absolutely pointless, Emma couldn’t hear her, not with one of her socks jammed into the blondes mouth anyway.

Emma was quick to sit back down by Claire’s feet and began stroking the long feather up and down her friends feet. But the soft plumage had little effect through the thick black tights on Claire’s feet.


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