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Co-author of the ‘Mathscope’ series my first published novel was ‘Betrayal of Trust,’ in 2012. A retired high school teacher, my wife & I divide our time between Priceville and Brampton, Ontario.

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Barry B. Wright     (Tier III Rising Star Author )

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Literary Fiction
Welcome to My Garden
by Barry B. Wright

“Welcome to My Garden” is multi-themed in its content. Short stories are a venue for discovery. As a writer, they provide a wonderful playground to experiment and to learn. The value of words and phrases take on a poetic significance in their brevity of deep meaning. In each ending, a seed is planted for the possibility of a novel. Photos were the medium I used to challenge and exhilarate my imagination; the grist so-to-speak, to discover the story hidden within. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter One
The Decision

Four hours he had made her practice! Four goddamn hours! Until she defiantly screamed out: “Papa! I don’t want to be a ballerina! I will never be one! Do you hear? Never!” Stomping her foot, she crossed her arms tightly across her chest and purposely took on a belligerent stance.

The room flooded with anger so palpable it almost smothered her with its intensity. Attempting to flee ahead of him, she lost as he caught her in mid-flight and began to shake and hit her.

Too ...

Historical Fiction
Traces of Evil: Angel Maker Series
by Barry B. Wright

Chapter One

In the poverty-stricken neighborhood where the Gruener family lived, tuberculosis was a well-established part of life. But in the fall of 1918, something new visited their Frankfurt community that remained until 1920. It began as a fever and sore throat. Headaches, body aches, cough and nose bleeds were common. Doctors advised their patients to take up to 30 grams of aspirin per day. For some, this regime appeared to work as their symptoms improved. Days would pass before this mysterious manifestation re...

Sunnyvale: Sequel To "Pins and Needles"
by Barry B. Wright

A rural community is turned upside down with the influx of extremists bent on creating a white ethno-state, the murder of a highly respected police officer, and the fetishism of a person willing to kill to keep his secret. The Mayor and Chief of Police go to great lengths to hide the skeleton in their closet while putting together a team to combat the destructive forces in the community. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter One
Waiting Until Dark

His approach to the bedroom window is stealthier than previous visits. Though unintended, he had killed. The local newspaper and media reports had put the community on edge. Respected and above suspicion, much was at stake during each intrusion, but a sexual fetish was the driving force. A branch snapped. Frozen in place, only heartbeats marked the passage of time. Finally feeling safe, he drew closer to her home. Huh! The lover’s car is parked in the drive. The light went out in the bedro...

Pins and Needles
by Barry B. Wright

Edward Slocum, vice-president of Kemkor Pharmaceuticals, becomes suspicious of the possibility of illegal activity by his present employer. As his suspicion mounts, he finds himself mired in events that may change both his life and the community he lives in. Unable to trust his co-workers and local authorities, he comes to learn much more than he ever wanted—about his wife’s death, Kemkor’s real agenda and the strength of his own moral resolve. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1
Building 3C

Pins and Needles

Billy Talent

SHE WAS DEAD, THERE was nothing he could do about it, now; he had to accept it. But there was more. He had stumbled badly; he had come up short. He knew that he had unwittingly failed in what he had come to realize was the only worthwhile endeavor. Still, there must have been signs before she, they, were swallowed whole forever. In his self-made purgatory of grief and shame, he found no solace where once triumph and achievement reigne...

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