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from Sunnyvale by Barry B. Wright

Copyright © 2019 Barry B. Wright

Chapter One
Waiting Until Dark

Tonight, his approach to her bedroom window is stealthier than his previous visits. The community has been alerted to his presence. Though unintended, he had killed. He crouched and scanned his surroundings. Respected in the community, he was above suspicion. But he was driven by his sexual fetish. A branch snapped. He froze. His heartbeats marked the passage of time. Much was at stake if his identity was unveiled. Finally, he drew closer to her home. Her lover’s car was parked in the drive. The light in her bedroom turned off. Soon they will leave. He glanced at his watch. On time for once. He did not understand her choices in lovers. Nor did he want to.

The front door shut, their laughter sliced through the still, September night air. The popcorn crackle of the vehicle’s wheels receding along the drive met his ears. He drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly when he heard the car accelerate away. He scooted ...

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