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from Sunnyvale by Barry B. Wright

Copyright © 2019–2021 Barry B. Wright

Chapter One
Waiting Until Dark

His approach to the bedroom window is stealthier than previous visits. Though unintended, he had killed. The local newspaper and media reports had put the community on edge. Respected and above suspicion, much was at stake during each intrusion, but a sexual fetish was the driving force. A branch snapped. Frozen in place, only heartbeats marked the passage of time. Finally feeling safe, he drew closer to her home. Huh! The lover’s car is parked in the drive. The light went out in the bedroom and he glanced at his watch. On time for once. But why choose that swain? I do not understand such an unnatural thing, nor do I want to.

When the front door shut, laughter sliced through the still September night air. Car doors opened and closed, then the popcorn crackle of the vehicle’s wheels receded along the drive. A deep breath inhaled and let out slowly when the car accelerated away. He scooted to the bedroom window. I am in luck. The window was unlocked and slightly ajar. After marking the height of the window’s opening, he slid it up and entered her bedroom.

The room was bathed in moonlight interspersed wi...

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