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How I lost a Thousand Pounds: Eating my way to better health
by Rick and Cindy Palmacci

Let’s face it folks, dieting has become a national pastime, just like baseball Sound familiar? Finally I found success. I lost over one hundred pounds "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1
The Jouney

* 1 *The Journey

I think it’s important to let you know my history, so you can identify with the sixty years worth of struggles. As I did when reading diet books, I compared the author’s journey with my own. I can’t say how often they were similar. Maybe you will be nodding your head too. As I did with the barrage of statistics, I’ll make this quick.

Age 6-10, grade school

As a child, I was overweight. Everyone called me chubby. I wore husky sized clothing (that doesn’t...

Chapter 2
Life Happened

* 2 *Life HappenedRULE NUMBER ONE:Stop making excuses

Well, life had been happening right along, but the biggest jump came during a month-long vacation to California and Hawaii. Eating out with family got me quickly out of the Zone. The weight started back slowly. But like with all professional dieters, I thought, No problem, I can just get back into the Zone anytime I want.

By now I was an expert at this program: I could adjust and give it my own little twists. You know what happens here....

Chapter 3
The Real Journey Begins

* 3 *The Real Journey BeginsRULE NUMBER TWO:Do not pay ridiculous money for a diet program.

November 1st 2015.

I went on a cruise. While on the cruise, my wife told me she wanted a divorce.

After getting over the shock, I made up my mind that I wanted to be thin and get healthy.

As mentioned earlier, I weighed 285 pounds and was taking two different blood pressure pills and cholesterol meds. Doctors said my blood pressure was tied to my weight. I was also on a C-pap machine for sleep a...

Chapter 4
Climbing the Mountain

* 4 *Climbing the MountainRULE NUMBER THREE:Don’t give up

I used My Fitness Pal (MFP) to plan my day from breakfast through nighttime snacks. I input my breakfast and decided by calories what to eat for lunch, and this helped me with dinner choices. By doing this, I could eat just about anything that I wanted. I adjusted my next meal to stay on my goal of 1200 calories. This program works but it’s only as good as the person who makes the entries.

My suggestion is to get yourself signed u...

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