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from How I lost a Thousand Pounds by Rick and Cindy Palmacci

Chapter 2
Life Happened

* 2 *Life HappenedRULE NUMBER ONE:Stop making excuses

Well, life had been happening right along, but the biggest jump came during a month-long vacation to California and Hawaii. Eating out with family got me quickly out of the Zone. The weight started back slowly. But like with all professional dieters, I thought, No problem, I can just get back into the Zone anytime I want.

By now I was an expert at this program: I could adjust and give it my own little twists. You know what happens here. Yes, the weight went out of control again.


From 1982 - 1986 the weight rollercoaster continued.


Over the next several years, I went through a divorce and two relationships.

Note from Cindy: Apparently he got over his shyness with women.

The weight rollercoaster continued. I got up to 240 pounds. I would get back to 220 then up again. I know you have all been on that same ride.

In 2012, I met someone and we married a year later. My weigh...

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