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I'm a booklover, and I dig research. I read everything - romance, history, biography, paranormal and sci fi. I live in southern Arizona and I love to sing. I'm married with two kids and one grandson (one more on the way)

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Nancy Vaughn     (Tier III Newcomer Author )


Anchor Bay: Stormy Love
by Nancy Vaughn

Lily Brighton was widowed the same day her husband delivered the divorce papers. Tom Chambers ex-wife is an alcoholic who doesn't understand the concept of divorce means she is on her own. Plus something suspicious is happening out in the bay that may be related to the theft and graffiti happening up and down the coast. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1
Stormy Love

Mid-August Anchor Bay, Maine


Lilly Brighton pulled in behind the moving truck stopped in front of her new residence. It wasn’t a new house, but it was new to her. The quaint, two-story cottage style, typical of southern coastal Maine, was a far cry from the rambling ranch house she sold when she left Arlington, Texas. The movers rolled up the large door at the rear of the truck, pulling out rolling carts and dollies and began unloading. It didn’t take long for them ...

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