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Literary Fiction
Love via SMS
by Amara Blackstone

The chemistry between them is undeniable, but can they keep their relationship a secret? A chance meeting piques William’s interest in a much younger female colleague, Eva. Years later, they meet again: William’s eyes meet hers and now she knows there is more between them, but she’s always known. Distance, age, and secrets keep them apart, yet they find their way back together, only to be torn apart yet again. Is this soul connection enough to sustain a lasting relationship? "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

Eva’s phone buzzes in her gray Michael Kor’s handbag as it slides down the TSA conveyor belt at the crowded airport. She hears it continue to buzz, vibrating a siren song, that more text messages are incoming. The melodic sound spreads an indescribable feeling through her body. She smiles, sweetly, knowingly, and a bit sarcastically – Eva knows who it is, and she knows it drives him wild when he can’t reach her immediately. As she fast-walks towards the gate, E...

Chapter 2
The First Meeting

Eva originally met William at one of those exceedingly boring fundraising events. Not being able to recall the cause for which the funds were being raised, Eva remembers she was the new girl among a crowd of well-acquainted people with whom she was unfamiliar. The event commenced under a white plastic tent at dusk, on the grounds of the park. The attendees were milling around, gripping mini plastic high ball glasses half-filled with cheap box wine or glass bottles of beer. Trinkets and hastily assembled ...

Chapter 3
The Run-in

A year and a half after Eva first laid eyes on William, she was unloading her car in a hotel in southern Oklahoma, when she heard a distinctive voice calling out, “well isn’t it Little Miss Eva, emphasis on little.”  There he was…William Sterling. Shit, Eva thought – she looked a mess, having driven 12 hours, no makeup, capri yoga-type leggings, tight-fitting tank, slightly heeled sandals, all black of course. Eva hadn’t a clue that William was going to...

Chapter 4
How It Started

Eva flashes back one year after The Run-in, and she has invited William to stay with her, as they are both attending a function that is local to her home state. What seemed friendly and innocent on Eva’s part turns into Eva realizing that this much older man (14 years older), is actually attracted to her! She always thought there was a little something there, but quickly put it out of her mind. But just in picking him up from the airport, she senses him undressing her with his eyes, and c...

Chapter 5
Texting Game

After the storm, when William is back home, and Eva’s life is back to normal in her home, William begins texting and calling Eva daily. Eva, being highly independent and scheduled with work, hobbies, and friends, isn’t sure how to deal with the onslaught of communication. She loves the attention but questions the intent. She’s not an easy catch and doesn’t want to fall prey to the more experienced, shamelessly flirtatious William. She can’t fully trust hi...

Chapter 6
The Kiss

Two months of nonstop calls and texts, more texts than calls, Eva and William find themselves at another function…this time in Cape Cod. The crisp fall air is a welcome break from the heat of their respective states. But a light drizzle can’t dampen the heat between them: they finally sneak away from the crowd at the bar to kiss, in the rain. To Eva, it feels like home. It is everything she never knew she wanted, and it scares the hell out of her. William is taken aback b...

Chapter 7

A mutual colleague, and a friend of Eva’s, George, also attending the function in Cape Cod, confronts her about what he believes to be a secretive relationship between her and William. Eva laughs at the preposterous notion, haughtily denies it… and then texts William to warn him. George, later that day, confronts William with the same notion, and William promptly denies that. After dinner, the group of colleagues is back at the bar. William goes out for a cigarette, and a few ...

Chapter 8
Parting is Sorrow

After a blissful week on the Cape, William and Eva head home and back to reality. On the long flight home, Eva is filled with sadness. She feels as though she is lost without William – ironic for such an independent person. She doesn’t know when she will see him again. Her brain kicks into high gear and begins to overanalyze, pondering George’s warning. Worrying about what others will say if they find out. When she lands, she has 20 text messages from Willi...

Chapter 9
Down By The Sea

A month after Cape Cod, Eva has a convention in San Diego, and lets William know about it. It’s a few hours’ drive each way for him, and he makes plans to drive down to see her. She slips away from the convention early to find William waiting with a bouquet of a dozen roses in her favorite color. Swoon! Eva is so smitten; William is as well. They have a lovely dinner, walk on the beach, and spend the entire evening talking. William walks her back to her hotel roo...

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