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from Love via SMS by Amara Blackstone

Chapter 1

Eva’s phone buzzed in her gray Michael Kor’s handbag as it slid down the TSA conveyor belt at the International Airport. She heard it continue to buzz, vibrating a siren song, that more text messages were incoming. That sound spread an indescribable feeling through her body. She smiled, sweetly, knowingly, and a bit sarcastically – Eva knew who it was, and she knew it drove him wild when he couldn’t reach her immediately. As she fast-walked towards the gate, Eva unlocked her phone and saw the texts…her heart raced. 

It had been 9 months since she laid eyes on William in-person. FaceTime simply doesn’t do it justice. The anticipation of their meeting made Eva giddy, nauseated, excited, and nervous – yet, plastered a permanent smile across her face. Walking through security, texting with him, she couldn’t help but broadcast a radiant smile. There’s no greater excitement than knowing you are going to spend time with the love of your life. Regardless of the specific minutes you actually get to spend…just knowing, just anticipating, it is pure joy. Boarding the plane, the butterflies flipped in Eva’s stomach, and leapt into her throat – the smile still burned bright as she found her window seat, chatted with the aisle seat occupant and settled in. A short two-hour flight and she can see him. It has been 9 months. It has been tumultuous. And painful. Although Eva and William live close enough to visit, a two-hour plane ride, their respective obligations have kept them from seeing one another.  This separation is what deeply pains Eva. Nope, not going to think about that today, only the happy thoughts, and the pending reunion – that’s what needs to be front and center – thinks Eva. 

She wastes time jamming to iTunes and reading a non-fiction book on her iPad about a notorious crime family. The book is interesting enough because she personally knows a member of the crime family, but every now and again she glances out the window, gazes out on the clouds and the mountainous landscape below in a bid to conceal her overriding excitement. If it were socially acceptable, she’d do back flips and hoot and holler – So. Damn. Excited!! 

Upon descent to the destination, the passenger in the middle seat begins a benign conversation, causing Eva to pop out an earbud and shut off the iPad. Ms. Middle Seat yammers on about her work trip and inquires about Eva’s reason for travel. Eva tells Ms. Middle Seat that she, too, is visiting for work. What Eva doesn’t divulge is that she’s meeting him…William. There’s too much to explain, and while early on, Eva used to be anxious to share and chat about him, this time she decide it’s a secret best kept to herself. 

Landing is smooth, but deplaning is slow, Eva’s impatience gets the best of her, especially when she’s nervous. Now, more than ever she is as she races up the jetway – engaging in fast-walker mode – then, ducking into the restroom to check her hair, makeup, and mentally prepare. Will it be awkward? Will he kiss me hello? Ok, God, I HOPE he kisses me hello and sweeps me into his warm, welcoming arms. I imagine the rush, the smell of his mildly patchouli-laced cologne, his sweet smile, his piercing blue blue eyes. Snapping out of it, Eva stares into the mirror and deems herself perfect and departs to baggage claim.

Eva’s phone buzzes, a call this time, not a text…it’s Pete. A friend of hers from back home who wants to chat about this past weekend’s events. Eva tries to hurry him off the phone…not working!! Pete hears the airport paging system in the background, inquires as to where she is, and upon hearing Eva is in the same state as him…knows, all too well, who she’s seeing and what she’s doing. Regardless of the business portion of the trip, Pet...

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