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from Love via SMS by Amara Blackstone

Chapter 3
The Run-in

A year and a half after Eva first laid eyes on William, she was unloading her car in a hotel in southern Oklahoma, when she heard a distinctive voice calling out, “well isn’t it Little Miss Eva, emphasis on little.”  There he was…William Sterling. Shit, Eva thought – she looked a mess, having driven 12 hours, no makeup, capri yoga-type leggings, tight-fitting tank, slightly heeled sandals, all black of course. Eva hadn’t a clue that William was going to be there, and she was completely unprepared to see him. Especially after he had thoroughly embarrassed her in front of their peers, Eva had never planned to see him outside of his native state of California. Rumor was that he didn’t travel, so going to an industry event in Oklahoma seemed safe. 

William’s jovial laugh was getting closer and Eva needed to do something, anything to get out of there. Not one to run, especially in heeled sandals, she decided to stand her ground and confront him. She, sucked in her small tummy, stood taller, slyly slid her sunglasses over her eyes, and said “well, if it isn’t Big Willy, emphasis on Willy – I didn’t think they let you out of Cali.” She smirked, and he kept getting closer. In her bra, she located her shiny lip gloss and quickly applied it, because if she had to talk to him, at the very least her lips would look amazing. William reached her, and to her surprise, her reached out to hug her – what the freak, she thought, I don’t know this man, moreover, I’m pissed at him…still. His hug was warm, inviting, and he smelled heavenly. Slightly musky, slightly sweet – whatever cologne that was…O M G. He let go, and she quickly composed herself, smoothing out her tank and then her hair. William noticed the tension and fum...

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