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About me

Self-published my first novel in November 2010 and 3 more subsequently. I have been researching the Irish famine of 1845-52 for about two years. "The Poor Law Inspector" is one of several projects arising from that research. It is based on the real life experiences of Captain Arthur Kennedy between 1846 and 1850.

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The Poor Law Inspector
by Frank Parker

Ireland is wracked with famine. Arthur gives up his safe position as an officer in the British army to join the Poor Law Commission. His job: to ensure that one of the most seriously distressed areas has the resources required to meet the demand for relief. Will he prove a match for the local landlords and their leader who refuse to meet their obligations, intent, instead, on removing as many tenants as possible from their land? Will his bosses in the British government relent and provide much needed assistance? When he is challenged to a duel will he defeat the blustering self-styled Colonel?

Chapter 1

The court room was crowded, the viewing gallery at the back a jostling mass of humanity. I had been surprised by the size of the multitude outside the court upon my arrival. Surprised, and my heart gladdened by the considerable number that wished me good luck as I p...


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