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My long-form books are mystery and detective. Short stories range my science fiction, time travel, mystery, and anything in between. The book I put here is the 4th in my James St.James PI series. which I'm currently working on now.

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Kenneth Lawson     (Tier III Newcomer Author )


Killing Time In LA: A James St.James Mystery
by Kenneth Lawson

1949 LA. James St.James is pulled into the investigation of a a professors wife who has been shot. The Husband confess. But the facts don't add up. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1: Day One Thursday. June 9, 1949

The smell of coffee woke me up.

I followed the smell into the kitchen. Where  Brenda stood at the stove frying up some bacon and eggs.

“Smells good hun.” As  I  headed for the bathroom. I came back into the kitchen a few minutes later partly dressed. Taking my usual chair at the small round kitchen table. I poured myself a cup of coffee.

 By now Brenda had finished the frying and handed me a plate of food.

 While we ate  I turned on the sm...

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