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Andromeda Kaine is a romance writer heavily influenced by the paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction genres. She finds her peace in writing high fantasy and using the most descriptive and eloquent language she can conjure.

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Andromeda Kaine     (Tier III Newcomer Author )

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Behind the Veil
by Andromeda Kaine

In the year 2123, the fate of Earth and the future of humanity balances on the victory of a century old war between Earth and an evading alien species called Raezor’s. The Federal Alien Defense Force is tasked with quarantining or eradicating any Raezor’s on spot, but what will happen when the defense forces special weapon is compromised and all their government secrets are at risk of exposure. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

A series of loud bangs startled Syndel from her sleep. “Get up rookie, Raezing time.” Eclypse’s deep voice yelled from the other side of the chrome door. Syn glanced over at the holographic clock on her nightstand that read, 02:35:56 Thu 13 Oct 27. 

“Fucking Raezors,” she groaned, wiping the sleep from her eyes. Every single time she got some sleep, it never failed that someone would interrupt her.

Syn pushed herself from the warm confines of her bed an...

Lael: Blood Ties
by Andromeda Kaine

A rising king and a vengeful assassin - never the twain shall meet. Lest bloodshed and death be the fall of Valsuria. "Sounds interesting!"


“Her beauty never fades.” The deep tenor of the king’s voice cut through the silence startling Lael from his stupor.

“She grows more beautiful each day.” Lael glanced over his shoulder, not the least bit surprised to see his father standing in full regalia. It had become a routine for the two to join in the morning on the gallery, just when the white sun peeked over the clouds and immersed itself in the teal of the Valsurian sky. Always before council meetings.

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