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OSKAR: A Rock Opera For Children
by B. L. Peterson

A young Black man goes around telling people he is from Mars and he has an extremely important message for the people of the earth: It is of a grave matter but he forgot what it was! So to humor their friend and his mission, they set off on a fantastic journey that is more fantasy than reality. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1 - Oskar Arrives

"An unenlightened man is like a man in a cave with his hands bound.

He is looking at the wall and seeing the spot of light from the entrance to the cave which is behind him.

You step into the dark cave, out of the light and try and tell the man there is more to his life than this.

But he exclaims almost like a madman that "He sees the light! He sees the light!",

looking at the beam of light on the wall...

Chapter 2
Oskar Meets My Girl

Chapter Two

The car pile-up was all in the news. It was the biggest late breaking story of the day. There were mass pictures of the accident and a lot of angry and bewildered people.

Oskar sat in MY chair still draped in the blanket, watching the Television like he never saw one before in his whole life.

“I never seen one of these before in my whole life.” Oskar said. “What is it?”

“It’s a television set. You...

Chapter 3
Oskar Heals Poncho Eyes


Oskar heals my little brother.

Poncho came into the Livingroom from Jr. High School.

He held a device in his hand that took the place of a cane, and it alerted Poncho to the objects around him by ultrasound.

“Hey, Brewster, hey Jenny.” He paused. “Someone else is here! You picked up another bum off the streets didn’t you! He better not eat all the food out of the refrigerator like that other guy did...

Chapter 4

Chapter Four:

Jenny, Raoul, Oskar and I were in park. Oskar was looking around at the various families and couples playing and doing all kinds of fun park things.

{Song: Saturday In The Park-Chicago}.

“What are you going to do with Oscar? He is such a sweet young man.”

“I’m not sure yet. Mom isn’t going to let me keep him there too long. She said I have to have him committed to an insane asylum.”


Chapter 5


“I feel like I just woke up from a dream!” Thomas said, “I was floating in the air and talking to Jesus!”

“Yeah, we all were!” Poncho said. “It was so kool!”

“That’s impossible!” The Genius said. “Did we all just have one big mass hypnotic dream?”

“It better be!” Reggye said rather angrily. Looking at Oskar.

“I’m the Hit...

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Oskar Goes To Hell

“That boy is bewitched!” My mom said. “I don’t care if he is from Mars or Compton, he is not staying here no longer!”

That church incident had definitely turned Oskar into the Big Suspicion of the Town.

“But Mom, those statutes did not really move. I think the music had a odd effect on the congregation. You know. Like group hypnosis.”

“I don’t care if it was group hypnosis, or Voo-Doo, or ...

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