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I am a married working mum with two young children. The secret time warp is a work in progress

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Marian Wood     (Tier II Rising Star Author )


Science Fiction
The Secret Time Warp
by Marian Wood

People have gone missing and the police do not know what's happening.. I walk to the end of the field and time changes, suddenly I am looking at Woolworths..a young girl reaches out her hand to me, her face is familiar "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

The dark clouds covered the blue of the sky and the fields layout in front of me. As I walked the atmosphere around me became eerier. I was alone and started to feel that someone was watching me. I could'nt see anyone; the trees were swaying, and I pulled my coat around me. I kept walking thinking about the kids back home. I watched the sheep playing in the fields nearby and I could hear birds chirruping to each other. The rain then started to fall, first steadily then with more force. I put up my hood a...

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