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The Secret Time Warp
by Marian Wood

People have gone missing and the police do not know what's happening.. I walk to the end of the field and time changes, suddenly I am looking at Woolworths..a young girl reaches out her hand to me, her face is familiar

Chapter 1

The dark clouds covered the blue of the sky and the fields layout in front of me. As I walked the atmosphere around me became eerier. I was alone and started to feel that someone was watching me. I could not see anyone; the trees were swaying, and I pulled my coat a...

Chapter 2

It was a cold wet morning in 1980 as Annie went into the job centre. She was dressed in a long warm coat with a scarf over her head, shielding her from her from the rain. She needed a job any job. She was good with figures and had a keen interest in the unknown.&nbs...

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