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Science Fiction
The Secret Time Warp
by Marian Wood

People have gone missing and the police do not know what's happening.. I walk to the end of the field and time changes, suddenly I am looking at Woolworths..a young girl reaches out her hand to me, her face is familiar

Chapter 1

The dark clouds covered the blue of the sky and the fields layout in front of me. As I walked the atmosphere around me became eerier. I was alone and started to feel that someone was watching me. I could'nt see anyone; the trees were swaying, and I pulled my coat ar...

Chapter 2

It was a cold wet morning in 1975 as Annie went into the job centre. She was dressed in a long warm coat with a scarf over her head, shielding her from her from the rain. She needed a job any job. She was good with figures and had a keen interest in the unknown.&nbs...

Chapter 7

It was 1973 and Ben and Earl had been called to a meeting. Arriving at the office they both wondered what it was about. The boss had sounded very panicked, both thought that it must be something important as they had not been given much notice. On arr...

Chapter 8

Sitting staring at the files, Annie’s head was spinning.  She had travelled to White hill barns for 3 years now. Having learnt where the tunnels were located and having spoken with the White house, she wished some days she could discuss it with ...

Chapter 10
The President and the Prime Minister

It was a quiet day at the Whitehouse, Jimmy Carter sat in his office with paperwork surrounding him. Meetings for this and appointments for that. Wife, Rosalynn came in with some tea on a tray and some cups. Thanking her he looked back at his work. It...

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